Trichologist Dr Shahid Shamsher, sheds more light on why more couples are losing hair at the same time.

This is due to common reasons which affect both the spouses like-

Change of water- Imagine having to shift to a new city every 2-3 years. Thus the change of water affects both husband and wife together. I remember an incident here. The wife and husband with kids in tow relocated to USA due to the husbands’ project. In US however, the wife experienced so much hair fall that she would go into crying spells and depression. Ultimately the husband had to abandon the project and come back to India, all to ensure the wife’s hair fall would get better. He was of course bald already.

Diet- This is especially relevant for vegetarians. I see a lot of Marwari couples who both have quite a few deficiencies and thus hair loss.

Stress- Shared stresses of marital discord, financial worries, and broken relationships play a role in affecting both the members. 

Another interesting story here- A young couple shortly after starting their hair treatment, split up. Subsequently the boyfriend on one of his visits remarked that his ex- only befriended him so that he would pay for her treatment and once that was over, she dumped him.

Dr Shahid Shamsher is a leading Trichologist certified from UK, Australia & India. Practicing since 27 years in the field of Trichology, even today he consults every patient personally himself rather than leave it to assistants. He can be reached on 080 42067474 / 75.

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