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Acne-Pimple Treatment 

Like any other disorder, acne needs early medical intervention so that any disfiguring of the skin or permanent scars on the face can be avoided.

The key to choosing an acne treatment depends on the severity and type of acne. Quick fix solutions can be a waste of time. It is not worth getting rid of acne when there is another just waiting to emerge. Instead it is important to treat what is causing the acne at its source and prevent breakouts.

Invasive methods like skin peels and derma abrasion are not indicated in every case of acne especially those with hypersensitive skin. Overuse or abuse of invasive treatments like acid peels and abrasive methods can damage the skin and deplete the level of protective antioxidants thereby accelerating skin ageing. The more invasive the treatment, the greater is the damage eventually leading the skin from pimples to early wrinkles.

Acne Treatment in Bangalore:

Dr. Health’s Acne Therapy is an integrated approach towards treating acne. Free from the side-effects of invasive treatments, the Acne Therapy is designed to treat acne with a skin friendly approach. It consists of 4 important steps.

• External applications – includes exfoliating agents to flake off the outer layer and loosen the plugs in the oil glands. Also includes skin lightening agents to fade away the acne marks. Regular application of these external applications can help to keep the pores clean and reduce the oil activity.

• Oral medications – includes medication to stabilize the oil glands & anti-bacterial medication to eliminate the bacteria.

• Skin Care advice – includes advice on daily skin care regime and products to be used as per specific skin type.

• Dietary advice – includes advice on healing foods and other foods to be consumed in moderation.

Each of the above steps has a specific area of action and thus combining the above steps can help to achieve optimal results. After all, the goal in treating pimples is to promote a clearer skin without damaging the skin