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Eliminate acne from your list of concerns. At Dr. Health Skin Clinic, we offer the best acne treatment in Bangalore for even the most stubborn acne.

Acne Scar Treatment in Bangalore

Acne troubles individuals of all ages, affecting their self-confidence and self-esteem. It can really take a toll on some people. This becomes more evident when people with acne minimize their interaction with people, hiding their faces behind long hair and heavy makeup. Along with this, acne can also be exceedingly painful if not addressed early on. Hence, it is essential to receive medical treatment for acne and pimples as early as possible to avoid permanent scarring on the face.

The acne scar treatment in Bangalore that we provide, is based on the severity and type of acne. It is imperative to discover the true causes of acne and to treat it from the root to prevent breakouts. As the acne specialist in Bangalore, we advocate and practice non-invasive treatment that is effective and side-effect free.

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Types of Acne Scar

There are numerous types of acne and pimples. Each one has a different prognosis. Acne treatments depend on the type and severity of the condition. People can sometimes develop multiple types of acne at once. This type of treatment includes more components than the other types and may vary. For this reason, identifying the correct type of acne is crucial to its successful treatment. Some types of acne are as follows:

Blackheads & Whiteheads

These occur when dead skin cells and excess oil accumulate in the oil glands. A black head and a white head are simply distinguished by whether the pore is open or closed. When the pores are open, the sebum or oil content is exposed to oxygen in the air, gets oxidized and then turns black. Thus, a blackhead is formed. A whitehead is formed when the pores are closed.

Teenage Acne

The primary cause of teenage acne is the hormonal changes that occur during puberty. Genetics, vitamin deficiency, stress, and atmospheric pollution may also contribute to this. Puberty acne appears as white heads, blackheads, pus-filled pimples, or nodules.

Adult Acne

Adult acne is acne that develops late in life. Occasionally, adults experience painful, deep-seated, and inflamed acne. A cyst may appear isolated or in thick clusters on the face, the neck, the scalp, the back, or chest

Acne Rosacea

Acne Rosacea is another type of acne affecting adults. In response to certain triggers, the blood flow through the capillaries under the skin increases suddenly. Redness and flushing of the skin result from the blood vessels becoming wider. Symptoms include sensitivity, blushing, and reactivity to simple products like lotions and soaps.

Acne Scar Removal Services We Offer

Skin Care Consultation

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External Application

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Oral Medication

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Dietary Advice

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Why choose us for Acne Scar removal in Bangalore?

Skin Friendly Treatment

At Dr. Health Skin Clinic, we provide completely skin-friendly and non-invasive treatments. We have a remarkable track record for treating the most severe and resistant forms of acne. We have seamlessly blended technology into our treatments.

Experienced Skin Specialist

When it comes to experience, we are unmatched. Our skin treatment is offered by our senior specialist who has nearly three decades of experience in the field of Dermatology.

Advanced Analysis & Treatment

We utilize the latest Diagnostic Techniques like Dermatec Analysis for the diagnosis of skin problems. In addition to our skin services, we also provide dietary advice for our patients to combat their troubles.

Safe & Side effect-free treatment

Our treatments are safe for pregnant as well as for nursing mothers. As a leading clinic for acne scar removal in Bangalore, we ensure that all our treatments are 100% side effect free

Our Patients Reviews

Dr. Pranjal Shamsher is undoubtedly the best acne doctor in Bangalore. She consults at Dr. Health clinic which has many branches all over Bangalore. I had full body acne about a year back. I took antibiotics for almost 3-4 months continuously. The pimple would reduce in size but would never go away completely. I finally got tired of the medicines because I would keep getting stomach upset with the antibiotics. My aunt who was on Dr. Pranjal’s treatment for eczima on the legs asked me to consult her for pimples also. So I went to her. The treatment was definitely effective as my body acne came down and even the marks faded. She asked me not to go for waxing. She gave some round tablets and lotions to apply on the affected spots before bedtime. She also made a big list of skin care instructions for me to follow which had things like which soap I should use, which shampoo I should use, what I should eat and what I should avoid etc. Overall I am very satisfied with her medicines as they have cured me completely from my body acne.

Kumari R
I had very bad acne for which I consulted Doctor. She explained me well about the condition and the treatment plan. I’m feeling much better and confident. Very much satisfied and happy with the results.
Haris Ghazali
I was suffering from acne from last 5 months and it’s my first experience getting acne and all. But due to covid19 pandemic I didn’t visit any doctor. I was just doing homemade tactics and using natural ingredients but no use. By the time, infection spreads all over my face and head. I was really tensed and disturbed. I was searching dermatologist near me then I come to know about Dr. Pranjal. I took appointment and I went her clinic. The clinic was super clean, professional and with all precautions taken. No Wait time, doctor visited as per the scheduled appointment time. Docter is patients friendly and explaining about treatment is easy to follow. She listened to my problem carefully and also told me what could have caused it. The clinic staff is also very friendly. I’m so happy to tell you that got fully treated within 20 days only in single visit. Still we
are using the medicine as per doctor’s suggestion. Treatment is worth for the money and time.
Piyush Chavan
I have acne issue from last 13 year’s I tried all from the to homemade solution but nothing’s work and my acne going bad to worse ,on a one fine day my father friend suggest him about Dr, pranjal initially we were like we tried everything let’s give a try. She listened to her patient very camly and reach to the source of disease, her treatment worked on and my face and skin getting clearer and fairer day by day
Barna Sarkar

Dr. Health acne treatment is working for me very well. I had stopped socializing due to how bad my skin had become. I know it sounds shallow but I could not lead a normal life nor socialize as my confidence was so low. I am sure most acne sufferers go through this low phase. I used to be the biggest party animal. But Dr. Health acne medicines are working for me especially the white mask. It makes my skin really smooth. My acne is clearing up. All I dream for is clear skin. To an extent I am now obsessed with my skin

deepal shah
5 / 5


There is no way to prevent or avoid acne. You can, however, lessen the severity by understanding what triggers it.

Although acne can occur at any age, it is more common among adolescents and young adults. Symptoms usually first appear between the ages of 10 and 13 years old.

It is possible to wear light make-up, but, if possible, it is advisable to avoid it entirely.

The same factors that cause teen acne also cause adult acne: excess skin oil and bacteria.

Acne scars can fade over time. However, if you’re upset about acne marks, talk to your doctor, who might have advice on what can be done.

Acne is not caused by a specific gene. However, genetics can play a role in whether you’re prone to acne.

Treatment for acne depends on multiple factors such as severity, type of acne, skin condition, lifestyle factors and the like.

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