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Acne and Pimple Treatment 



For most acne sufferers, the disease affects more than their appearance. It can have a devastating effect on their self-esteem and cause tremendous emotional pain. This is evident from the fact that some acne sufferers avoid eye contact, grow their hair long to cover the face, or wear heavy makeup to disguise their acne.

Like any other disorder, acne and pimple treatment need early medical intervention so that any disfiguring permanent acne scars on the face can be avoided.

The key to choosing an acne treatment depends on the severity and type of acne. Quick-fix solutions can be a waste of time. It is not worth getting rid of acne when there is another just waiting to emerge. Instead, it is important to understand the true causes of acne and treat the acne at its source and prevent breakouts.

Overuse or abuse of invasive and harsh treatments like acid peels and abrasive methods can damage the skin and deplete the level of protective antioxidants thereby accelerating skin aging. The more invasive the treatment, the greater is the damage eventually leading the skin from pimples to early wrinkles.


1) Acne Treatment at Dr. Health is Skin-Friendly and Non-invasive.

2) The acne treatment is conducted by Senior Skin Specialist Dr. Pranjal Shamsher herself and not by any assistant doctors or interns. Dr. Pranjal Shamsher has 27 years of experience in the field of Dermatology and has successfully treated the most severe and resistant forms of acne with a skin-friendly and 100% side-effect-free approach.

3) We use the latest diagnostic techniques like Dermatec Analysis to diagnose your skin problem and determine the status of your skin pores, oil secretion, skin inflammation, and the degree of scarring and pigmentation.


          Normal View of Skin Pores                                                                  Dermatec View of Skin Pores

4) The Acne Treatment at Dr. Health consists of 4 important steps.

a) External applications – includes medicinal face packs and exfoliating agents that

  • loosen the oil plugs which are trapped in the pores thereby helping to drain and clean the pores.
  • by their exfoliating action, they flake off the outer damaged skin layer promoting healthier skin growth
  • the skin-lightening ingredients help to clear up acne marks and skin pigmentation.

b) Oral medications – includes anti-bacterial medication to eliminate the bacteria and to stabilize the oil secretion. They also contain healing antioxidants that improve skin health and resistance.

c) Dietary advice – includes advice on healing foods and other acne-triggering foods to be consumed in moderation.

d) Skin Care advice – includes advice on daily skincare regime and products to be used as per specific skin type.

Each of the above steps has a specific area of action and thus combining the above steps can help to achieve optimal results. The goal of Acne Treatment at Dr. Health is to treat acne and pimples without damaging the skin.

5) All Acne Treatments at Dr. Health are 100% free from side-effects, safe even for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

6) The acne consultation with Dr. Pranjal can be done by booking an appointment at our clinics or by consulting online on WhatsApp or Skype video call.


                         Consultation at Clinic                                                                                                              Consult Online           


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