Dr. Health Hair Clinic Reviews

After checking Dr. Shahid shamsher reviews I visited and I have got treated for my itchy scalp infection from Dr Shamsher at his Malleswaram clinic. I have seen a wonderful experience throughout my treatment and results was excellect and I would say this is 100% the right place for these type of problems.

Sanjeev Patil

It worked wonders for me. Controlled hair fall in 3 months just like he said it would. Hair fall stopped completely. Its like zero now. Taking treatment from 5 months and quite happy with the results.

Ravi Teja

It is simply unbelievable! After getting done some of the tests that Shahid sir had recommended, I and my husband visited him personally at his clinic. Some of the reports were low so he accordingly started our respective treatments. We were both very worried as the reports were low. But the treatment has worked magic. I would say it is 99% cured(for me) and 85% for my husband

Suneinayel Sangikar

After reading some positive reviews of Dr Shahid Shamsher I Consulted him first time 3 months ago for a patch because he was the only doctor I could find online who seem to have written lot of stuff on patchy baldness. The patch appeared literally over night and I would not not even noticed but one of my friend pointed it out to me. When I consulted Dr. Shaamsher, he gave 3 months medicines and application in form of a cream. Consulted him just today morning after the 3 months and the patch is 90% grown back and in fact even its not visible on searching for it. I am extremely happy with the results and in fact recommended another 3-4 friends and family members to him.

Giridhar Vibha

Before I had hair fall, I thought it would all just fall off and so then finally after checking Dr Shahid Shamsher reviews I went to dr health clinic. He gave some creams and lotions and told me there is a fungal infection. It’s about 1mt passed so the infection and hair fall is less. He is saying growth will come but it will take more time. But then finally I got a very good result.

Siddharth Sharma

Before I had hair fall so then after a little research on google and reading Dr Shahid Shamsher reviews I met Trichologist Dr Shahid Shamsher. On his prescription the pharmacy chap gave a serum concentration to apply on scalp. Its been now a few weeks and my hair fall has halted. The best part is that these medicines are having zero side effects. A few weeks into his treatment and my hair fall halted completely.

Mayank Agarwal

Was suffering from male pattern baldness and finally decided to seek a trichologist opinion. I am taking a treatment from Dr Shahid Shamsher since the last one year and since then my hair fall is completely under control and amazingly there are no side effects at all. Whereas earlier would get so much itching and irritation after using the allopathic medicines. Must say that his medicines are very good to save the existing hair and no side effects which is a very big plus point.

Iyengar Shekhar

I am a 40 years old, female. I have always had beautiful thick hair. It is at least 50% thinner now than it was three weeks ago. After reading some dr shahid shamsher reviews I went to see a hairfall doctor. I consulted Dr Shamsher who told me that crash diet is unhealthy. Also told me that it can lead to malnutrition and stress my body in many ways which in my case my hair started falling out. He started his medicine course and gave me a diet chart also. Its too early to say about the treatment but I am very impressed by his knowledge. Good experience.

Burme Namita

I have a problem of white hair from the age of 16 and now I am 21. I feel somewhat guilt feeling when my friends talks about my white hair. I consulted doctor shahid at Dr health clinic jayanagar and explained my problem. He gave me the medicines and hair care instructions from which it just prevented from spreading further and the hair greying completely stopped, thank you DR Shahid

Devnarayan Matto

When I first went to Dr. Shamsher he was a lot of help, I was losing my hair and he told no problem I can help you. I was diagnosed with alopecia areata. Dr. Shamsher gave me medicines and I started to grow my hair. Before that I had very bad experience with many trichologists. I went to endocrinologist and he said my hormones were fine. If you want a good trichologist go see him he don’t have fancy office but he does help his patients and also helped my daughter thank you Dr. Shamsher.


Dr Shahid Shamsher is very good doctor, he told me first try with medicines for short period and see. After taking it for 3montss, not only hair fall has stopped fully, but even 50% hair growth is seen. Honest approach is very commendable…

Saini Vaidya
5 / 5