Dr. Health Hair Clinic Reviews

I highly recommend Dr. Shahid Shamsher for hair loss treatments. I was having tremendous hair loss and was almost on the verge of going bald. On my first visit to see him, I got to finally see him after a wait of about 3 hours. After a 10 minute checkup he advised a battery of blood tests. Initially I was angry and thought he was trying to scare me with so many blood tests as if something was seriously wrong with me. But my blood tests showed that I had alarming deficiencies. I would get myself routinely investigated year after year but never realized I could be so deficient. After about 15 months of treatment from him, I can say that I have gained all my hair back and feel healthier as well. He has good knowledge about hair and explains all the medical jargon in simple language. I can say he has truly changed my life. If you have any issues relating to hair, he is truly the doctor you can rely on.

Vikas Ingle

Last 10 years I have been struggling with my hair loss. I have been to every single clinic that you can name. I have been to batras, richfeel, local dermatologist, everyone. It is not that their treatment did not work at all, but it would help for sometime and then after i stopped the treatment, again the fall would start and sometimes even more severe than before. So if I am telling here and Shamsher's treatment is the best, please dont think I am saying it casually. I am speaking from lot of experience of other hair fall treatment. And the main reason why I am saying its the best is one and one alone. After taking the medicine for sometime, he will stop the treatment. He will tell you in the first visit itself, when to stop the treatment and exactly at that time he will stop the treatment. Now it has been nearly 3 years since I have stopped all this medicines and he has put me on organic diet like wheat grass juice, thyme, inositol and one more extract is spelling is odd, and for 3 years my hair is maintaining very very well. Every day only some 10-12 hair fall happens in one full day and not more. I check all the time even on my work table and on the car seat. Hardly 1-2 is seen. I think finally I have found some permenant solution to this baldness after 10 years. His treatment cost me around 15K totally, but compared to what I have wasted before I think its totally paisa vasool. Very happy with the results. He told I can maintain it properly for another 10 years, I will not go bald.

Renuka Gowda

I have been taking treatment for dandruff for the past four months from Dr. health. Before 1 years I had severe dandruff and was quite worried whether this would get cured but I am glad that I came to Dr. health who have cured me of my dandruff almost 80 to 90%. Dr. Shahid Shamsher is an experienced Trichologist, has good knowledge and his approach is very straightforward and professional.

Madhukar Trivedi

I was suffering from male pattern baldness hence got a hair transplant done few years back. But I didn't realise that hair transplant is not the ultimate solution as it does not save the already existing hair. Took the finest tablets and minxodil for 2 years but my hair line kept receeding back. Finally decided to seek a trichologist opinion. I am taking a treatment from Dr Shahid Shamsher since the last one year and since then my hair fall is completely under control and amazingly there are no side effects at all. Whereas earlier would get so much itching and irritation after using the allopathic medicines. Must say that his medicines are very good to save the existing hair and no side effects which is a very big plus point. Though I am a doctor, like most lay people I felt the same that doing hair transplant is enough and don't need to do anything after transplant. But the fact is that we actually need to take a proper treatment to save the existing hair.

Chethan B

A million thanks and kudos to Dr. Shahid Shamsher for getting my damaged hair back to normal. My hair texture had become completely damaged. The fault is mine. Although it is common knowledge that blow-drying hair can be damaging, especially if you hold the dryer to close to the hair and have the heat set too high. Nevertheless lack of time made me do exactly that. To make matters worse I styled my hair quite frequently with curlers and flat irons subjecting my hair to even more damage. I thought it was perfectly normal to do all this and would have done it probably till I went bald. But Dr. Shahid brought some sense in to me and thankfully my eyes opened before it was too late. I recommend him highly for hair treatments.

Meghna Naidu

I had alopecia areata since 6 years , I Used my wife’s makeup to hide or patches on my head .it started with just 1 small patch and gradually increased to 5-6 patches and hair loss, went to many Drs but my condition was not improving at all, my Friend suggested Dr Health, and consulted Dr Shahid, Dr told that my condition can treated and cured also. Dr took all the details such as past and present health history, family history, possible causes, physical, mental, and emotional condition and advised few blood tests along with medicines and informed me this is a complex autoimmune condition that causes nonscarring hair loss. As told by the doctor my patches were covered, hair completely regrown in 3 months now I am taking medicines for prevention which is for another 3 months and then there is no need to take any medicines, Unlike other doctors there was no steroids administered which is one of the best reason to consult at Dr Health. Thanks to Dr Shahid now I am Quite satisfied with the progress of medication. Hair fall has significantly reduced 60-70% lesser than earlier it used to be.

Sami Ulla Khan

I just turned 37 and had started to notice my hair was thinning a lot lately. It doesn’t run in my family so I was a bit surprised. I know that stress, or poor eating habits etc. could be the reasons for this to happen besides it just being in my genes. I have had some medical illnesses in the past and also have lost 10 kgs since last may due to the illness. I went to consult Dr Shahid for help. Besides medicines he has also asked me to eat certain foods or vitamins etc. that can help me. I am eating healthier now, more fiber, vitamins, fruits and veggies. After all I don’t want to be one of those men with just 3-5 strands of hair. If the treatment does not work, I will shave my head completely if that happens. hahaha!! But I don’t think that will happen as though I do not have much expectations I am seeing a hell lot of difference in my hair growth.

Mohammed Noor

I am taking treatment from Dr Shahid Shamsher for female baldness which even my mother and grandmother also had and sadly now I am having it too. Unfortunately we are all victims of the junk hormones that are passing from one generation to the other. Even my 8 year old daughter is showing baldness. His treatment is controlling my hair fall very well. The hair thickness is also better. Also after checking my hair and scalp type he advised me the correct shampoo and conditioner which is suiting my hair very nicely.

Genny D’Souza

I am writing this to express my gratitude and appreciation for Dr, Shahid Shamsher. Regarding my hair treatment. Excellent work done, no hairfall no dandruff and no side effects, really, I am very happy with treatment.

Rani Shashidhar

I started developing round patches of hair loss on my scalp since a month initially they were small in size later started to expand and became more noticeable on my scalp, it was clear bald patch which really scared me and reduced my confidence as they started to grow in size. The Doctor prescribed medicines along with application. Followed the instructions given by the Doctor and could get good results. He is very experienced and professional Doctor. The way staff deliver the service is good. Neat and well-maintained clinic. Would recommend for hair related issues.

Kaustubh Reddy

Inspite of reading many horror stories about allopathic medicine, I took it for 4 Months which was the biggest blunder of my life ever done in choosing Hair loss products. I motivated myself saying Hairloss would stop now or then but it continued to fall every where – Temple, Side's, crown, back, then I made a decision to look for safer options. A little research on google and I met Trichologist Dr Shahid Shamsher. On his prescription the pharmacy chap gave a serum concentration to apply on scalp. A battery of lab investigations showed I had a lot of deficiencies. With my 6-pack abs I thought I would be the last person on earth with deficiencies. But life has always thrown surprises at me. A few weeks into his treatment and my hairfall halted. My scalp and hair feel healthier and my mind is at peace.

Devang Kamat

According to me he is one of the best hair doctors. Gave very good medicines and excellent results to me, within 1 month hair fall has become zero and also I feel so much thickness. That medicine he will give to mix in shampoo is very good it will smoothen the hair so there is no dryness or frizzyness. Very very happy with treatment.

Revathi Srinivas

I had taken dr health clinic treatment for severe dandruff issue, but it was drastically reduced and have come to a good condition.. No second thoughts once you take the required medication. It works really well.

Mayur Shah

I am an IT professional and had frequent hair loss and coin size patches on my head. Searched for hair drs on google and decided to go for consultation for hair treatment. Visited dr health vijayanagar branch and took treatment for around 4 months patches were disappeared completely and gain lot of confidence also.

Sachin J.

I would personally recommend Shahid Shamsher M.D to any patient who is having hair loss problem. We have been taking his treatment since one year now and I fly down from Gujarat every 3 months just to consult him. Very satisfying and good result. Doesn’t misguide. He will tell you exactly what to expect and what will not be cured. Just be patient and wait to see him. It will take 2-3 hrs, but your money and time will be well spent, I guarantee you that much at least.

Nimish Mehta

Normally whenever I saw my hair falling out I also observed new hair growth so I was not worried. But this time when they didn’t and I saw progressive hair thinning I decided to see the doctor. After all I didn’t want to go bald before age. After recommending a couple of tests Dr. Shahid Shamsher gave me some medicines, suggested some good shampoos, reduced my hair fall up to 90% and treated for hair growth, till now I can say up to 70%. I also asked him if he could treat me for my grey hairs but he said there is no treatment for grey hairs at my age. Grey hair is mainly a hereditary issue though he said there may be many others causes too.

Bhavna Shah

I have been taking my sessions with them for some time now both Hairfall and Dandruff and I have seen good improvement in my hair growth and dandruff problem. Dr Shahid the doctor who I consult has good knowledge about hair and I follow all his advice thoroughly. I use only the shampoo and products that he advises me, and they suit my hair well.

Sujay Medasani

I had 10-12 coin shaped patches of baldness on my head. I was so worried that the infection would spread all over my scalp and I would be fully bald. But lucky..that I met Dr. Shahid sir. He cured the infection. All the patches started filling up and my hair was back to normal. I will always be grateful to him. thankyou very much sir.

Ashwin Govindaraju

This is my honest review out of my experience
I have had severe hair fall and dandruff since 2019. I have consulted with some other doctor in Thrissur and tried several oils / Tablets / Minoxidil but no luck. I have recently started my treatment at Dr Health Indiranagar Bangalore. I am totally happy with the consultation. The Doctor has suggested treatment for me. Now I have completed 3 months treatment and it is very effective. Hair fall has been completely stopped and no dandruff at all. If anyone is facing with hair related issues, Just Visit Dr Health Clinic

Deepak Gowda

After completing 9 months of my treatment, I can clearly see the transformation of my hair. Hair fall is almost negligible, and I am feeling mentally good too, now. I give all the credit to Dr Shahid Shamsher for a wonderful experience and effective treatment. Overall I am highly satisfied with both experience and treatment. I would definitely recommend DrHealth to my friends and family.

Sameena Javed

I had dandruff for 10 years. Visited atleast 4-5 dr's in Bangalore, even went to Manipal hospital for 6 months and no use of the treatment at all was obtained. When I visited Dr. Shamsher for the first time itself he told me its scalp psoriasis and it will not cure but it will be ok 90% if you maintain it properly. Took his medicines for 6 months now and I will say hardly 1-2 days in one month I will get itching, but otherwise it is nothing much at all. For 3 months treatment he charged me Rs. 9500 and I am very happy because after 10 years I have finally got some betterment otherwise I could even not wear dark shirt. I am very thankful sir.

Raghu Rajan

I took my son to Dr Shahid for his patches problem. he is just 10-year-old, and has got bald patches all over his head, plus he started losing hair from his eyebrow also. he is on Dr Shahid's treatment sin 2 months and is showing good sign of improvement. The patches are filling up with light baby hairs. He has not developed any new patch since he has started treatment. Progress is good.

Rakesh D

I was depressed with my hairloss since 2yrs. I went to Dr. Health clinic for treatment. I got very good result in 9 months for my hair loss. I was advised hair transplant at other clinic but Dr. shahid advised me to stick to medical management and it is giving good results.

Nikhil V

Am really happy with the treatment at Dr health. I had consulted doctor for hair thinning treatment. Before I was wondering whether it works or not. But I started noticing the changes in 90 days. For those who have a hair fall or hair loss problem I would always recommend Dr health.

Sarika Kishore

I had an issue of dandruff and hair thinning about several weeks. I tried almost everything like anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioners. Also, tried like lemon, honey, etc. But no use.
So, I did some research on internet and found Dr. Health clinic and it is near at my home. So, I decided to do at least a visit. I went there and they did my complete hair and scalp checkup. Also, they took some samples and analyzed it. They gave me a report about my hair issue and explained me everything. After the brief explanation, I had a thought that at least someone knows my hair more than me. So, After taking consultation and medication, my hair problems are solved. They are so helpful and knows what good for our hair. Definately recommend to who has hair problems.

Swathi Sekhar

I'm super happy to share my review. Because it's been 9 month since I started the treatment at Dr Health . Am getting treatment for patches problem. Before I consulted Dr Shamsher, I was having 8 bald patches on my head and new patches were started spreading. I started losing hair from beard and even from eyebrows. Now all my patches started growing back. Treatment is good.

Reggie Fernandes

I am a software engg. i'm taking Hair Treatment for Hair Loss and Dandruff from Dr health since last 6 month .when I came to Dr health, I was suffering from severe Hair Loss and Dandruff problem.After taking Treatment from Dr health, I can see visible improvment in my Hair Loss and dandruff.I can feel my hair density hair texture also improving.

Avinash Deshpande

From my childhood I have had the desire to grow hair as long as possible. But after growing to a certain length my hair refused to grow further. I read a lot of articles and advertisements and that is how met Dr. Shahid at his clinic. He prescribed vitamins, minerals like biotin, silica, beta-carotene, inositol and vitd3 supplements. Also prescribed some essential oil mixture for application on my hair. The rate of hair growth has actually speeded up. He said like how we need extra proteins for body building. So like that if you need extra growth, you need to take specific diet and add some nutrients.

Renuka Nair

Best treatment for dandruff in the world. I will recommend fully for dandruff treatment for anyone. Just try it out. It will cure for sure. I had it for 10 years and had taken so many treatments and nothing worked. He cured it in just one month.

Pranav Deshmukh

I am very satisfied with the treatment given by dr.health i had many patches on head and huge hair loss after taking treatment its completly better and exelent result seen thank u dr health

Mohit Shekar K

my hair started to become thin and scarce and it was a major concern for me as i'm still young. i really wanted to seek help and i'm glad i came across dr health through a friend. i took the treatment here and it has been showing results for the last few months and i am so happy with the treatment. i never thought i could get a remedy for it but dr health clinics have helped me gain back my confidence. treatment is absolutely safe at dr health clinics and very helpful too!

Srinivas R

Lately I was having severe hair fall!! But the process started slowly 6 months back. I had very thick hair and had lot of them. I think it has reduced atleast by 30-40%. I then met Dr. Shahid Shamsher for my hair loss. He said at best what is there can be maintained. That was quite direct but believable too. The hairfall is quite under control with his advice. I am married and have a 20 year old son. But at any age a woman never wants to go bald. I just hope he can save my hair till my grandkids see it.

Swathi Krishna Reddy

I am very very happy with his treatment!!! Since 5 years I had this dandruff. It would just not go. Tried every damn shampoo and oil and lotion and visited atleast 7 doctors, but no use at all. Every alternate day I had to wash my hair as they looked as if I have oiled them and the dandruff would also start showing distinctly. Initially it was mild and I treated them at home using Head & Shoulders, also switched to Pantene and All Clear anti-dandruff shampoos and tried some home remedies but the problem persisted. So it was with skepticism that I started the treatment with Dr Shahid at Dr Health Clinic. On examining, the doctor said that since I had used my sharp nails to frequently scratch my itchy scalp, the skin had become sore and I had got a fungal infection on my scalp. So he first gave me some oral medicines and cream to locally apply over the infected areas and then he proceeded with the dandruff treatment. His charges are on the high side, I have paid nearly 15k for 6 months, but they were worth every penny because I have spent even more on all the others before this and nothing worked. So that money was down the drain anyways.

Premalatha R

I am very very happy with Dr. Health clinic treatment. i have alopecia some 8-10 patches and all have fully grown out and now it is not showing even 0.001% anywhere in the head. very very thankful.

Sridhar R.D

I am 25 yrs old. I started my hair treatment for hair loss and majorly for dandruff in Dr. health clinic indiranagar branch under Dr. Shahid shamsher before 6 months; gradually I got good results in terms of reduce in dandruff and hairloss. After 6 months of treatment my dandruff problem is solved and hair loss problem is solved partially. I still have 6 months left for treatment and I am sure it will be resolved soon. Very happy with the treatment.

Radhika S.P

Good doc. Knowledgeable in his field. I had a satisfactory experience. I went to him with 12 bald patches on my head and one big one on my beard. It took 15 months to cure them.

Rakesh Dubey