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Dandruff Treatment in Bangalore

Flaky scalps will trouble you no longer. As expert services, we provide the best dandruff treatment for all scalp disorders.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is one of the most common conditions aspects of scalp disorders. It causes your skin to become dry and flaky and itches your scalp. Every person experiences this condition at some point in their life. The typical symptoms include an itchy, flaky scalp and dry flakes that frequently land on your back, face, and shoulders.

Broadly speaking, depending on the cause we can classify them into three types. We can call them good dandruff, bad dandruff, and ugly dandruff. Different types of dandruff can be distinguished using a Tricho Analysis. It can determine what type of scalp infection you have, as well as the extent of its effects on your scalp. Treatment depends on what type of infection or allergen is present. The severity of the condition will determine whether oral medication or external applications are recommended. Our dandruff specialist in Bangalore devises the best strategies that are compatible with your hair and dandruff type.

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Types of Dandruff

The Good Dandruf (Due To Dryness Or Oiliness On The Scalp)

The first type i.e. the good dandruff is usually caused due to dryness or oiliness of the scalp. Dry dandruff is just dryness of scalp. Typically it starts during winter appearing as dry powdery scales on the scalp. Sometimes, it is associated with hair loss as well, but being seasonal by nature, both the dandruff and hair loss are quite often mild and temporary.

Oily dandruff is nothing but the oil secretion on the scalp. Every scalp secretes its own natural oil called sebum. When the head is scratched this oily grimy sebum comes out as white substance in the finger nails and is often mistaken as dandruff.

It usually does not cause any hair loss or scalp damage and therefore qualifies as the ‘good dandruff’. A hair care regime involving the right shampoo and correct method of washing is enough to deal with this type of dandruff.

The Bad Dandruff (Due to Scalp Infections)

The bad dandruff refers to scalp infections. When the oil or sebum secretion on the scalp accumulates or stagnates for too long, it starts attracting fungal infections. These fungi find sebum as a good source of food and therefore grow very easily on an oily scalp. Here the dandruff flakes are more severe and accompanied by itching, irritation and boils on the scalp.
Directly or indirectly the infection then affects hair growth leading to hair loss and sometimes considerable baldness. Such cases do not respond to hair care alone and usually need medical care. When correctly medicated, they respond well to treatment and the hair loss resulting from it can also be controlled.

The Ugly Dandruff (Due To Scalp Skin Disorders)

The third variety i.e. the ugly dandruff refers to scalp diseases like psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. It is the worst form of dandruff wherein there are large flakes on the scalp almost resembling pieces of skin. This condition can worsen considerably and spread to the face, ears, nose corners and other parts of the body, leading to much distress and therefore qualifies as the ‘ugly dandruff’.

This type of persistent dandruff can be unhealthy for the scalp and can affect the hair roots causing hair loss. The hair loss can be severe enough to cause bald patches or diffuse thinning on the scalp. This type requires early medical intervention.

Symptoms of Dandruff

Dandruff treatment is not easy especially if you don’t go for treatment at the initial phase. If you have mild dandruff, you can easily cure it with the use of gentle daily shampoo. If you find it doesn’t help you get the desired results, you can approach a trichologist who will provide you with the medicated shampoo. As soon as you find the below symptoms, you need to take the best dandruff treatment in Bangalore.

  • Itchy scalp
  • Skin flakes on eyebrow, hair, mustache, scalp, and shoulders
  • Flakes can be large, small, yellow, and greasy. 

Causes of Dandruff

Some of the most common causes of dandruff are;

  • Dry skin: Those who have dry skin are prone to get dandruff. The situation gets worse, especially during the winter seasons. During this season your skin becomes drier and you will face the severity of dandruff.
  • Not shampooing enough is another reason why the majority of people get dandruff. If an individual doesn’t use shampoo enough, it causes the accumulation of oil that builds up on her skin and becomes one of the prime reasons for dandruff. There’s also the possibility that you may not be using the right shampoo.
  • If you are suffering from a medical condition such as Seborrheic dermatitis, you are prone to suffer from dandruff and an itchy scalp.
  • Yeast overgrowing is one of the causes of dandruff
  • Allergy from hair care products.  

When to seek medical help for dandruff ?

The different types of dandruff can be rated with respect to each other on a scale of 1 to 10. Some conditions start from one end of the scale and progressively become worse as they reach towards the ten, ending up as severe dandruff. Therefore if you have dandruff, the best thing to do is to use a good anti-dandruff shampoo and wait for about a fortnight. If it goes away after using the shampoo, no further treatment is required. However if its still keeps re-appearing in spite of repeated shampooing or has persisted for a long time or is accompanied with severe hair loss, then chances are the condition has progressed to the “bad dandruff” or further stages, in which case it needs to be medically treated.

To choose the right shampoo you need to understand whether your scalp is dry or oily. A blotting paper test can help you understand your scalp type. Skip shampooing for 2 days in a row, press a piece of blotting paper against the scalp for about 20 seconds. Remove the paper and assess the size of the wet patch on the blotting paper. If the size is negligible, the scalp is dry. If the size is bigger, almost the size of a finger tip or even bigger then it suggests an oily scalp. Generally people who sweat profusely also tend to have an oily scalp. Once the scalp type is known, following the correct hair care becomes easy.

How is dandruff diagnosed ?

An indiscriminate use of medicated shampoos for too long can make the dandruff resistant. Therefore if the dandruff seems persistent, it is better seek medical help and identify the condition correctly.

A Tricho Analysis can help to differentiate between the various types of dandruff. It can identify the type of scalp infection and the extent to which it has affected your scalp and the hair roots.

How can dandruff be prevented ?

Avoid scratching the head

Avoid sharing personal items

Clean Helmets Regularly

Do Not Skip On Hygiene

Use The Right Shampoo

Dandruff Treatment Options at Dr. Health Clinic

When it comes to dandruff advice matters but depends on who gives it to you. Because what looks like simple dandruff could be a case of fungal infection, Psoriasis or Eczema. At Dr. Health, the first step to treating dandruff is to identify the exact causes. Our senior and experienced Trichologist with more than 30 years of experience will conduct an in-depth scalp analysis to diagnose your dandruff condition. Dandruff treatments at Dr. Health are designed to address the root cause of dandruff, to treat the infection and prevent future relapses. It consists of a combination approach that works by looking into factors such as: –

Managing oil production

about 50% of dandruff conditions are caused due to oily scalp. Medications, products, and supplements that manage oil production and keep the scalp skin healthy and fresh are important to cure dandruff and to prevent future relapses.

Improving Hydration

As important it is to manage the scalp oil production; it is equally important to ensure that the scalp is suitably hydrated to prevent dandruff caused by dryness.

Controlling Inflammation

Most dandruff conditions leave the scalp feeling red, sore, and itchy. External applications are prescribed to soothe the inflammation, reduce itching, and restore the skin condition back to its normal state.

Treating infection

This is the most important part of the treatment. As per the severity and type of infection, suitable anti-fungal, anti-yeast, antiviral or antibacterial medications are prescribed to cure the infection.

Choosing the right shampoo

Recommendations regarding the right pH balanced shampoos as per your scalp type play an important role in maintaining a healthy scalp.

Why Choose Us For Dandruff Treatment in Bangalore?

Senior Hair Consultant

Dr. Shahid Shamsher is the Trichologist that handles all hair and scalp related disorders. His 30 years expertise in the field of trichology is clearly visible in each case he deals with. He is one of the first certified Trichologists in India, certified from the U.K., Australia and India.

Customized Treatment Plans

Each patient’s scalp needs are different. Hence, we go beyond expectations and curate a hair regimen that perfectly suits that individual.

Cutting-edge Technology

To assist with our diagnosis, we use sophisticated technology such as Tricho Analysis.

Safe & Secure Treatment

Our treatments are safe to be taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers, it is also fully side-effect free.

Our Patients Reviews

I was suffering from dandruff and damaged hair problem. consulted Dr Health Dr Shamsher and after analyzing the problem, doctor prescribed me with few medication, shampoo which is suitable for my hair type and it also included few hair care regimes along with few blood test advises. The treatment was for 3 months, and my dandruff problem is solved.
Amira Vaishnav
My major problem was dandruff and hair thinning which troubled me a lot which made me lose confidence literally. I came to Dr health with this problem and started my treatment . Intially I dint come across any results but gradually I started noticing changes. The treatment has helped me a lot , regained my confidence once I met the doctor. highly recommend this to all people suffering from hair problems The treatment and the therapy provided is really beneficial as well.
Monty Chauhan
I came to shamsher sir for dandruff treatment. Result was good. Too much dandruff and oily head. He advised shampoo change and also gave treatment for scalp fungal infection. Now all cured. Head is not itching now.
Aaryan Aggrwal
I had an issue of dandruff and hair thinning about several weeks. I tried almost everything like anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioners. Also, tried like lemon, honey, etc. But no use. So, I did some research on internet and found Dr. Health clinic and it is near at my home. So, I decided to do at least a visit. I went there and they did my complete hair and scalp checkup. Also, they took some samples and analyzed it. They gave me a report about my hair issue and explained me everything. After the brief explanation, I had a thought that at least someone knows my hair more than me. So, After taking consultation and medication, my hair problems are solved. They are so helpful and knows what good for our hair. Defiantly recommend to who has hair problems.
Sudhir Rajpal
I met dr shahid at his clinic in hrbr. I had severe infection, dandruff and very bad itching on my head. I tried all the possible shampoos, gels even some home remedies, but all waste. As these solutions only gives relief for some period of time but infection comes back again. Dr suggested me a treatment for just 3 months. And in 3 months my infection was completely cured and dandruff had also reduced a lot. I still feel some itcheness ocationally. But overall the results are excellent.
Piyush Chauhan

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Frequently Asked Questions For Dandruff Treatment

The main cause of dandruff is a fungus called Malassezia. Most adults have this fungus on their scalps. This fungus feeds on the oils on your scalp, breaks it down and leaves oleic acid in its place. A lot of people may be sensitive to oleic acid.

Hot water can be an unintended consequence that increases your dandruff.

The frequency of shampooing hair for managing dandruff differs from person to person. Hence seek professional help to know more.

No, dandruff doesn’t have any direct impact on your health. It only makes your scalp itchy and also causes excessive hair loss.

If it is an infection, yes it can. If it is just dry skin, then it won’t.

When treated correctly and managed properly post-treatment, the scalp can be maintained free from dandruff for extended periods of time.

Yes, dandruff several times causes hair fall. But, if you opt for the right treatment at the right time, it helps you prevent damage to your hair and scalp. It causes white flakes on your scalp that tend to accumulate on your clothes. Consult dandruff treatment in Bangalore for best results.

Well, the overall time to cure dandruff depends on the severity, your skin type, and your condition. You can approach a dandruff specialist in Bangalore who will tell you how soon you could get rid of dandruff. 

Yes, anti-dandruff treatment indeed works and can minimize up to approximately 70 to 80% dandruff in just one sitting. But, you need to get anti-dandruff treatment regularly to get a cure quickly.

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