Here are some unusual but true facts about hair

More reason to save your hair

Each human strand is made up of 14 elements including traces of gold. This can be referred to American Academy of Dermatology Association.

New spin on hair oil

Hair absorbs oil from water like a natural sponge and has even been used by some eco groups to clean up oil spills.

Something to tell your girl friend if she has hair loss

Hair when wet can stretch up to 30% its length without breaking and anticipation of sex is known to lead to faster hair growth.

Making money from your hair

Blonde hair is the most expensive of all different types of hair. A mere 100gms of blonde hair can even fetch up to 100000.

Let the finance minister not hear this

In 17th Century, Russia the king would charge a beard tax to be paid by people who wanted to grow beards as it was considered a burden on the society.

Hair tells a story

Did you know that hair records almost every change that we undergo? For example a hair analysis can reveal which geographical areas we have visited, the type of diet consumed in the last one year, and even whether we have taken drugs or not. So the next time be careful when you leave your hair strands behind.

And lastly “baal ke liye saala kuch bhi karega”

In Ancient Egypt a routine hair loss treatment consisted of the following – fat from hippopotamus, a crocodile and snake, mixed with porcupine hair, hoof of a donkey and cooked in oil and applied on the scalp for 4 days.