Acne Scar Treatment in Bangalore

Acne scars can be permanent, but with the right treatment, their appearance can be significantly reduced. We ensure that your skin receives proper medical attention at the right time.

Acne Scar Treatment At Dr. Health

For people with normal to oily skin, acne and the scars they leave behind can be a nightmare. Acne scars develop when pores get irritated due to a buildup of grease, debris, and germs or when excessive oil mixes with dead skin cells. When the pore expands, it rips the protective wall of the follicle. If the scar gets more severe it may also spread further into extracellular space. While mild to moderate acne breakouts normally disappear on their own, severe acne does not.

Do not pick, scrap, or pop acne, this will damage the outer layer of the skin and also harm the underlying tissue, and result in acne scars. Consult our doctor immediately for any skin-related issues for immediate and reliable assistance. Whether you are looking for scar treatment or any other skin-related issues, our leading skin specialists who have experience in the field will analyze your skin type and condition through Tricho analysis and offer you a customized report and medication based on your skin problems. They are always committed to providing you with the best and side effect-free results for long-standing skin disorders.

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Causes of Acne Scars

  1. Neglecting to seek treatment at the beginning stage of acne can lead to scarring.
  2. Inflammatory acne such as cystic acne can cause more scars compared to regular ones.
  3. Picking or squeezing the existing acne always results in the scarring of the skin.
  4. Not using UV-protective skin products such as sunscreen can also make your acne scars more prominent.
  5. Get treatment as soon as possible because as we age our skin loses collagen and elasticity which makes skin more prone to acne.
  6. The immune system also plays a role in the development of acne scars, people with low immunity rates are more prone to developing scars.

Types of Acne Scars

There are various acne scars some are temporary while others are permanent, depending on the severity and the age of acne they leave behind various types of scars on your skin. Some of the most common scars include:

Ice pick

These scars appear sunken or pitted and give skin the appearance of a hole created by poking with a toothpick. Treat ice-pick scars at a professional medical center as they require professional expertise and procedures to remove them.


Rolling scars are valleys or depressions in the skin, and their sides are often sloping. Each of these perforations may exceed 4–5 millimeters in width. They make the skin seem asymmetrical and are tough to hide.


Scars that have atrophied and become pitted are called boxcar scars. These have pointed edges and a broad, flat base. This might cause your skin to seem uneven and rough. Boxcar scars are among the most frequent types of acne scarring for which patients seek therapy.

Keloid scars

Keloids appear on areas of skin that have fully recovered from an injury. A scar’s size may increase dramatically over time, sometimes far outpacing the initial wound. Getting a tattoo, piercing your body, or undergoing surgery may all increase your risk of developing keloids.

How to prevent Acne scars?

  • Clean your face regularly before and after you go out of your home, and regularly moisturize and protect it with recommended skin products.
  • Opt for an electric razor to prevent picking up acne scars and other skin imperfections.
  • Choose only gentle skin care products and always use a soft towel to clean your face, using a rough cloth can cause acne to break and result in scars.
  • Never pick any pimple, the side effects cause scarring and also damage the skin around the acne, resulting in excess inflammation and damage.
  • Stress can lead to excessive oil production in the skin and this results in acne, make sure you keep yourself happy and stress-free.

Acne Scar Treatment Options Available at Dr. Health

When it comes to the best acne scar removal treatment in Bangalore, choosing a unique multi-therapy approach and weighing the pros and cons of treatment is very necessary. Acne scar removal price depends on the type of acne scar and the extent of scarring. For all the stubborn obstinate and long-faced acne scar problems we offer –

Natural Skin Resurfacing treatment

In these natural & skin-friendly topical applications are used to remove the outermost layer of the skin, revealing the younger skin cells underneath. This helps to visibly reduce the appearance of scars.

Skin Bio Fillers & tightening

In this case, as per the depth of the scarred tissues, certain medicines are used to lift the depressed scars upwards so that they can align with the rest of the skin and appear smooth & uniform.

Natural Collagen Stimulators

By stimulating collagen production, these can help fill in the depressed areas of acne scars, making them less noticeable. Encouraging collagen production leads to smoother, more even skin texture and reduces visibility of acne scars.

Plant-based Scar Removal Peels

In these specially formulated natural peels are used to peel off the top layer of the old skin. This stimulates new skin growth which is smoother and has fewer scars.

Cell Rejuvenating Treatment

This Treatment is effective in building and repairing tissue. It also makes proteins and chemicals required for your body and immune function.

Derma Roller Therapy

This includes a combination of oral medicines, topical applications, and supplements to boost the collagen production by the body thus repairing the skin.

Why Dr. Health Clinic for Acne Scar Treatment

  • Dr. Health Clinic offers personalized solutions based on individual acne scar types and specific concerns that require immediate attention.
  • Our expert, Dr. Pranjal Shamsher, with over 25 years of experience, uses comprehensive and detailed techniques to address acne scars effectively.
  • With our advanced techniques and expertise, we can help you achieve healthier, clearer, and smoother skin, free from acne scars.
  • We provide various acne scar treatment options tailored to your unique needs and preferences.


When taken best acne scar treatment in Bangalore with proper consultation is very good for your skin in the long run. Acne Scars can be both mild and severe depending on how deep your acne breakouts are. This treatment is highly advisable for someone with oily skin who is facing difficulty with acne and acne scars.

The length of your treatment depends on the severity of your scars. Ideally the acne scar treatment lasts for nearly 6-8 months. With proper consultation and treatment your acne scars can be removed completely.

When acne breakouts get penetrated deeply into your skin that is when they damage your skin tissues resulting in acne scars on the skin. With passing time they get more severe and it gets difficult to remove them.

Vitamin C is an excellent natural healer when it comes to treating your acne scar. It is capable of reducing the scars on the skin surface as well as below the skin. There are many products available in the market for acne scar removal but it is advisable to consult a dermatologist in such cases. You may come across something which may not be suitable for your skin.

Large pimples give you big and severe acne scars. If you are someone who has oily skin and is prone to acne there are high chances that you will be left with acne scars.