Dr. Health Skin Clinic Reviews

Dr. Pranjal Shamsher is undoubtedly the best acne doctor in Bangalore. She consults at Dr. Health clinic which has many branches all over Bangalore. I had full body acne about a year back. I took antibiotics for almost 3-4 months continuously. The pimple would reduce in size but would never go away completely. I finally got tired of the medicines because I would keep getting stomach upset with the antibiotics. My aunt who was on Dr. Pranjal’s treatment for eczima on the legs asked me to consult her for pimples also. So I went to her. The treatment was definitely effective as my body acne came down and even the marks faded. She asked me not to go for waxing. She gave some round tablets and lotions to apply on the affected spots before bedtime. She also made a big list of skin care instructions for me to follow which had things like which soap I should use, which shampoo I should use, what I should eat and what I should avoid etc. Overall I am very satisfied with her medicines as they have cured me completely from my body acne.

Kumari R

i struggled with black patches on my face since 12 years. I met several doctors and was diagnosed to have chronic deep melasma. I am on Dr. Pranjal Shamshers treatment and happy to say that my melasma is almost 70 percent gone in about 8 months. It still does get affected by sun and so my skin does need high maintenance. but overall satisfied with results.

Hemal Shah

I am suffering from psoriasis from last 30 yrs and its very painful and demotivation from me. I lose my confidence but I know about dr health clinic and I started the treatment from dr health clinic for the last 3 years. now I am very happy and enjoy my life. my experienced is wonderful and I see surprising results in my case. I came down with psoriasis at age13, I have taken too many medicines like Ayurvedic and Allopathy due to that psoriasis cover all my body chest, hand, nail, back in all places. I have not visited any family events, I was depressed, which was really bad for over 12 years. As I had reached my wit’s end I decided to give it a shot and see how things went once I began treatment. I contacted the Dr. Health clinic Bangalore. Within 3years my psoriasis completely cleared and now my skin has become very soft.

Prasanna Reddy

I have been undergoing treatment for white patches on my skin with Dr. Health Clinic since I was in school. Over the years there has been tremendous success and improvement. My skin has healed and the white patches have 95% gone. I am still associated with Dr. Health and still undergoing the treatment but results are fantastic. Very very happy satisfied.

Gopi Sharma

I had very bad acne for which I consulted Doctor. She explained me well about the condition and the treatment plan. I'm feeling much better and confident. Very much satisfied and happy with the results.

Haris Ghazali

I took for Melasma treatment. the consultation with the doctor was elaborate and the entire process was explained very well. there was no discomfort and the treatment went very well and got 40-50% good results in 6 months and still going on as well.

Barkat Gupta

I’ve lived with chronic psoriasis for fifteen years. During this time, I’ve tried a broad-spectrum of prescription drugs as well as countless natural remedies. I’ve seen a dozen dermatologists and as many alternative physicians, traveled to psoriasis clinics all over india, and consulted with naturopathic and homeopathic doctors. In the end, all of these pursuits ended in disappointment. In January of this year, I began the multiple therapeutic approach offered by Dr. Mrs Pranjal Shamsher. To be frank I started with almost zero expectations. But this simple treatment has taken me by surprise. My skin is clearing. For the first time after many years I am hopeful again.

John Fernandes

My 22 year daughter has large vitiligo spots over her entire body including her face. we have been to so many doctors allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic but no results. Then one day our neighbor lady who was already on treatment with Dr. Health told us about this treatment and good results in her case after using medicines from Dr.Pranjal. We immediately rushed to her and after consultation we have built lot of hope that our daughter got cured of vitiligo. Finally we started the treatment. Within first fifteen days we saw lot of redness over her entire patches which we confirmed as a good sign. We the saw brown dots over her face, stomach and leg patches and month after month she got normal skin at least I can say 70% by the end of seven months. My daughter is very happy now as she gained lot of her confidence back as we have seen the little girl going towards depression at times. All thanks to Dr. Pranjal for saving my child’s life.

Drishti Malhotra

I was suffering from acne from last 5 months and it's my first experience getting acne and all. But due to covid19 pandemic I didn't visit any doctor. I was just doing homemade tactics and using natural ingredients but no use. By the time, infection spreads all over my face and head. I was really tensed and disturbed. I was searching dermatologist near me then I come to know about Dr. Pranjal. I took appointment and I went her clinic. The clinic was super clean, professional and with all precautions taken. No Wait time, doctor visited as per the scheduled appointment time. Docter is patients friendly and explaining about treatment is easy to follow. She listened to my problem carefully and also told me what could have caused it. The clinic staff is also very friendly. I'm so happy to tell you that got fully treated within 20 days only in single visit. Still we are using the medicine as per doctor's suggestion. Treatment is worth for the money and time.

Piyush Chavan

Consulted dr.pranjal for pigmentation and Acne. She is very cooperative and answers all your questions with a lot of patience. Spends enough time with all her patients. Never in rush. After 20days of treatment my skin looks so much better and the skin has become so much lighter. Very happy with the treatment.

Shenaz Singh

My dad developed psoriasis and it affected him very badly. He had bad cuts on his hands and his feet and sometimes the cuts would bleed. A friend then recommended Dr Health clinic, so my dad booked an appointment for a consultation. The doctor actually consulted him for a good 30–50 mins. My dad has had been following the treatment consistently and his condition has improved a lot.

Raju Kumar

I had 10 to 12 white patches on my legs. I was unable to wear shorts. I took one year treatment from Dr. Pranjal shamsher clinic in hsr layout and all patches are gone, now only 1-2 spots are remaining. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. Some of my relatives also taking treatment with her. She gives solutions to all ur skin problem. it's really good and you can consult them for all ur problems and for the best results. I prefer all Dr Health clinic for their all-skin problems.

Shveta Gill

I have acne issue from last 13 year's I tried all from the to homemade solution but nothing's work and my acne going bad to worse ,on a one fine day my father friend suggest him about Dr, pranjal initially we were like we tried everything let's give a try. She listened to her patient very camly and reach to the source of disease, her treatment worked on and my face and skin getting clearer and fairer day by day

Barna Sarkar

I have under eye dark circles problem that time i consult Dr Pranjal madam is very nice and knowledgeable person and shel understood my problem .madam give treatment to me which includes specific face pack kit which is very refreshing and good changes was visible in 4 to 5 weeks I am very happy with result

Aarush Singh

I'm taking treatment for psoriasis since very long time been here since 10 yrs..I am cured of the psoriasis completely ..no recurrence is there though it is winter..got back my new life.thank u

Varsha Singh

when you take treatment you want it to work. This is only expectation. I am happy to say that treatment worked well. I had white patches on my eyelids and on finger tips. In the start it was slow, but then skin colored dots started coming and the patches got covered. I did not have any side-effects. Treatment for white patches is very effective.

Vishnu Gupta

Dr. Health acne treatment is working for me very well. I had stopped socializing due to how bad my skin had become. I know it sounds shallow but I could not lead a normal life nor socialize as my confidence was so low. I am sure most acne sufferers go through this low phase. I used to be the biggest party animal. But Dr. Health acne medicines are working for me especially the white mask. It makes my skin really smooth. My acne is clearing up. All I dream for is clear skin. To an extent I am now obsessed with my skin

Deepal shah

Best results for skin pigmentaion. I have uneven skin tone. My skin is cured by 90% now. I am getting married in 2 months, hopefully it will fully go by then.

Naina Gill

My mother is taking treatment for psoriasis problem at Dr Health HSR Layout clinic since few months. Dr Pranjal has advised few medicines and instructions to be followed. Her condition has improved a lot and there is lot of relief. we are really thankful to Dr Pranjal.

Rakesh Kumar

Doctor is good. 50% of my anxiety went away in the first consultation itself. I have started vitiligo treatment only a few weeks back but I have a good feeling about this treatment. Treatment is simple to follow and for a busy person like me it’s a bonus.

Rekha Ahuja

It has been about one year since I stopped taking the treatment and I am so happy with how my skin has been. My biggest fear was that after quitting the medicine my acne would come back and flare up just like the last time I stopped taking my oral meds, but nope! My acne has been pretty under control! I still have some bad skin days during monthly periods but my skin is definitely looking a lot clearer.

Kamal Chawla

Just wanted to share my experience as it has helped clear a good deal of my melasma. My melasma covered my forehead, a portion of both cheeks and my upper lip. I had been living with it for nearly three years and have dedicated the last two years to combating it in earnest. The most challenging area has been the upper lip however it too has lightened considerably. Those of you who live with the dreaded melasma know what happens when you spend too much time in the sun. The treatment I took with Dr. Pranjal has greatly decreased my melasma and now it is far easier to cover with simple makeup. The mask that she prescribed removed the superficial layer each time thus allowing the medication to penetrate deeper. The treatment has improved the texture of my skin so overall my skin appears healthier.

Mittal Sha

Came to the clinic with little or no expectations after visiting multiple centres for skin treatment (My skin psoriais never was resolved until I finally came to dr health) I am absolutely happy about how the doc explained the issue to me. The procedure and tablets I had been prescribed were a 100% effective.

Arnav Yadav

Hello I am having your vitiligo treatment, my reference WHF2108. With your medicine, there is remarkable improvement in white patches, many black dots have started appearing and this is giving me confidence that this can be cure. Thank you very much mam.

Dishant Arora

I started acne treatment from Dr. Pranjal Shamsher about 4 months back. So far going good. the acne are all healing. The size of the acne are reduced and oilyness is getting better. face is feeling soft. I have good feeling my acne is responding well to the medicine. can someone suggest some remedy for constipation.

Prathmesh Shah

I took the dull skin treatment at Dr Health and my skin is radiant and glowing. i never could have imagined such quick results. my skin has a youthful look and a silky touch to it. loving my skin! thank you doctor!

Ayush Yadav

For skin treatment always go with experienced dr, and dr at dr health is treating patients for more than 20 years now and are very good with the kind of treatment they provide. I had skin rashes which many doctors told psoriasis and used to keep coming back. I took medicines from Dr pranjal and almost 3 months now and my rashes are completely gone.

Rahul Chaturvedi

I had white pigmentation on my face. Someone suggested me to meet doctor Pranjal. She patiently analyzed my skin and suggested for treatment. I already took seen many doctors but no result found, but now am able to see lot of difference. I am confident that my problems will fade away. I recommend everyone to go to Dr Health clinic and meet Dr. Pranjal Shamsher. She was so friendly and patient with me. Happy experience!

Cheshta Garg

I have always been scared to visit skin doctors. But trust me it is always a good idea to visit when really required. So this was the first time I visited a clinic for my skin. A special thanks to Dr.Pranjal for her observations and medication. She perfectly understood my skin. Along with her work she was really kind and helped me understand my skin problem. If you want to see a skin doctor I will suggest Dr. Pranjal for sure.

Amanpreet gaur

Dr have given few treatments for my acne marks and few pigmentations due to excessive exposure to sunlight. And believe me the Doctor is really professional in their approach towards the treatment of my skin. She made me understand the whole process to get me back into the young and natural skin tone of my face again. I can feel the freshness all the time on my face . And about the experience: Since day 1 the experience from the front desk to the procedure room and back to the front desk team has remained so much constant that I'm recommending this place after completion of my whole treatment to everyone who loves their skin. Keep it up guys

Meghana Ranade

I was sceptical before heading to dr health as I very worried about the results due to bad experience in the past. but now I’m soo happy I’ve done it into the right place. I had psoriasis and the medicines suggested by dr is working. Though the process is slow but more importantly safe.

Hashir Isa

As part of treatment I was supposed to show my white patches to sun light daily. But I am too lazy and would wake up late did not follow the sun exposure daily in the early part of the treatment. Dr pranjal would be scolding me each time for not showing to sun. she was checking my skin through some microscope and so she knew I was not applying medicine and showing to sun. she kept motivating me to be regular. Finally one day I decided to become fully regular with medicine and treatment. And I am seeing good results because of that. So dr can give medicine but patient should also follow correctly.

Babita Singhania

Acnes have reduced a lot with her treatment. I had a lot of acnes on my face and was really frustrated with that. With her treatment it has reduced considerably, happy about that. Also I had a dry itchy skin problem, that too has subsided, thanks to the dr pranjal.

Sanu Mehta

I have been visiting Dr. Pranjal's regular patient since long time and I have undergone dark circle therapy, pigmentation treatment and have achieved very good results..! Will b visiting for face pack powder soon.

Mohammed Iqbal

I visited for full body psoriasis including even on head. Desperate for a good doctor, I stumbled upon Dr.pranjal and I'm so glad I did. She's so nice and listens patiently. Never had to wait unlike at other clinics. She diagnosed everything correctly Highly recommend to anyone struggling with skin issues.

Saad Rafiq

I have 2 white spots on my face. Both spot got vanish. I took medicine for 15 months. good doctor.

Vanisha Chetri

I have been seeing Dr. Pranjal for 5 months for my acne. She is the best dermatologist I have ever seen.She is patient friendly doctor and analyze the disease clearly and give treatment by understanding the root cause. Thanks for bringing back my skin as it was before. Dr. Pranjal is highly recommended for acne.

Sunny Yadav

Visited couple of months ago for my mother's face pigmentation issues. Dr. pranjal was extremely warm and professional made my mom feel at ease as she was a bit skeptical towards all skin related medical/chemical treatments. My mother is now very happy with the treatment and the after-treatment care. They regularly check on you and are very prompt with all your concerns and queries.

Smita Talreja

im sharing my experience bcoz i want others to get help for such issues like psoriasis, im taking treatment at jayanagar branch under Dr.PRANJAL SHAMSHER for psoriasis and im very happy with the improvement,i appreciate her patiences to understand our issues and helps patient with proper guidance,our mental health is also very much important in skin issues, i understand the process of treatment and i hv seen very wonderful results with my skin complaints, evn with weather change also my skin lession are very much better, happy to say that jayanagar clinic is best in patient care and services.

Arati Dutta

We took our son with white patches. we were as it is disappointed with our sons skin condition. to top it she said it was not curable. with little choice we started the treatment. my son developed some redness initially but the patches started to disappear slowly. she is good and handled everything patiently. I recommend her treatment for white patches treatment.

Sudha Agarwal

I had chronic hives since 20 years. I used to take heavy medicines and injections on and off. Atleast 3-4 times in a year, my family had to rush me to the emergency room in the middle of the night due to swelling of my lips and rashes all over my body. I had lost confidence to travel alone. I heard about Dr. Health clinic and consulted Dr. Pranjal Shamsher and same day I started treatment. Since then my life has become simplified. She advised a lot of lifestyle changes which had a positive effect from day one. I am on her treatment since 15 months and only occasionally once in a while I do get some mild rash here and there. But those days of emergency room are now gone. If you have urticaria, Dr. Pranjal will cure you. Take my word for it.

Rakesh Mehra

Dr Pranjal shamsher treated my dark circles and acne prone skin very effectively. The best thing is the way she explains the application of prescribed medicines and other skin caring tips with it. Highly recommended for all the skin treatments at Dr Health clinic.

Bidisha Mukherjee

I’m 46 and from the UK. Urticaria has been a real problem for me since I was in college. I’ve had allergy tests carried out to see what I was allergic to, but with no conclusive answer. Dr. Health medicines have helped me a lot. The first step was to remove the dependence over the antihistaminic tablets. It wasn’t a quick fix and I had to really have patience but I stuck to the protocol and it eventually paid off.

Madhav Roy

I had very sensitive skin and dark circles. My relatives would ask me if I had some illness because my skin had become so dull. My face would become reddish when I used even a simple cream. Persistent itching was unbearable and that often led me to scratch my face. This increased my pimples. I was dejected by my skin condition and stopped meeting people and going out. Thanks to Dr. Health skin treatment, my skin allergy has stopped completely. The pigmentation and dark circles have faded. Nowadays even my friends are seeking advice from me.

Renuka Nair

I usually used to get itchy rashes and consulted Dr Pranjal. After checking Dr told me it was urticaria. I took the treatment and followed all the instructions given be it diet, medicines, etc. It’s been 3 months I am happy with the outcome and totally satisfied. One of the best Doctor for skin issues.

Imran Sharif

Currently getting my dark circles and dull skin treated by Dr. Pranjal shamsher. So far happy with the desired results half way through the treatment. Hopefully as promised my skin will clear up soon. Clinic is well maintained, hygiene with courtesy staff and doctor herself is available in case of any query on email.

Madhavi Reddy

I was suffering from severe itching problem for last 7-8 months and I had to consult with my family doctor. As per his advice I applied some allopathic lotions and he diagnosed as its scabies, but it was not cured, I tried lots of allopathic medicines but no change. My friend suggested me Dr. health and I consulted dermatologist Dr. Pranjal and was diagnosed with urticaria. Doctor gave me formulated med which was tablets and application and i started treatment. Got results in few months, 1st month I got improvement in itching almost 40% and after 2 months i can see 90 percent relief in my itching problem.

Pratik Chaudhari

I have been taking treatment for dark circles with Dr. pranjal shamsher from Dr health clinic from last 6 months. I have experienced an outstanding result. She explained everything thoroughly and let patient to be comfortable for rest of the treatment. I have got 90% results in 5th month itself, still a month to go as per regular treatment. Strongly recommend for any skin related treatments.

Santosh Gowda

I had Urticaria. Tried many local and branded treatment for urticaria earlier. Used to get relief for some time and again it comes back with even more flare-ups. I had read a lot about dr health clinic in Bangalore and I thought of visiting dr health for my urticaria. When I first went to Dr. health clinic and consulted Dr Pranjal shamsher I got a feeling that dr pranjal has really got good amount of experience in treating skin issues. Her accurate diagnosis impressed me. I have taken 4 months of her medicines till now and the results are very satisfactory. I have got great relief and my skin too is getting better.

Rajan Patidar

I am very glad to share my experience at Dr health clinic. I got treatment for dark circles. Actually, I had too much itching in my eyelids and I would keep rubbing my eyes all the time. Tried multiple home remedies and certain medications, but it was not much effective. Finally, I visited Dr health clinic. My eyelid itching got cured in just 3 months, now my dark circles are also getting better. This is one of the best clinics to treat your skin problems.

Naina Menon

Hi I started my treatment from Dr. Health clinic for my skin problem Urticaria, Consulted Dr. Pranjal Shamsher and after taking 3 months treatment got good results. Medicines which is given from the clinic is very effective. I am completely satisfied with the treatment of dr health and also referred few patients for skin issue

Chiranjeevi R

I am Very happy with my experience at Dr Health skin & hair clinic. The doctors are very friendly and have great skill and expertise in treatment of patients and explanation of the health issues that the patient have. Dr Pranjal treated me for dark circles around my eyes and after 9 months of treatment I have got complete cure of dark circles.

Ayesha Samreen

Had approached Dr.Health clinic for my son's skin issues, after consultation with dr pranjal analysis came to know about him suffering with urticaria. Under the guidance of Dr Pranjal shamsher, my son started his treatment and we have been very happy with the treatment wherein most of the skin issues faced by son have over a period of time shown remarkable results. I hope this results continues further and help my son recover from urticaria.

Mary Fernandes

I had under eye dark circles problem due to lack of sleep. Dr Pranjal is a good doctor; she understood my problem and treated me with antioxidant medicines and special face pack kit which was very refreshing and made my skin feel better. Good changes were visible in 4 to 5 weeks. I am very happy with results.

Rajesh Rathod

I have been suffering from urticaria problem since 6 years, taken so many allopathic medicines but no result, then I got referred from a friend who is taking treatment at Dr. Health clinic. and I consulted Dr. Pranjal for urticaria, and I have started treatment. After taking medicines now urticaria skin problem is in good control now.

Om Prakash Reddy

My experience at Dr. Health clinic has been satisfactory. My consultation with Dr. Pranjal has been very good. Very helpful and effective. She suggested skin care changes that really helped. She gives all the tips necessary. The treatment has been providing the required results quickly. Overall highly recommended.

Karthik Parthasarathy

My 15-year-old son used to get severe itching all over the body. We were giving him anti-allergy syrup and tablets 4 times a day but still it was not working, only causing more drowsiness. I was worried as it would affect his studies during 10th board exam. So changed doctor and consulted Dr. Health clinic. Thanks to Dr. Pranjal, in 2-3 months, his itching and rash has reduced by 50%. Also, he can concentrate on studies also. We are following her instructions, he changed soap and bathing also two times a day. All instructions we are following and getting good results.

Sudheer Kamath

Took treatment at Dr. Health clinic for dark circles and facial tan. Met Dr. Pranjal in the clinic who examined my skin and found that my problem was due to oil trapped in my skin pores. She diagnosed my problem as seborrheic melanosis. I found very good results in very few weeks. Thank you for the team.

Ishaan Kapoor

I was taking dark circle and skin lightening treatment. I am writing this review after 6 months of treatment. I can seriously see the visible difference in my skin. It started looking so clear and smooth. Thank you, Dr. Health Clinic, and special thanks to Dr. Pranjal Ma’am for your patience and efforts, seriously she is an amazing person, and her service was the best one. I’ll recommend everyone for Skin related solutions.

Swathi P

I had taken my mother to Dr.Pranjal’s clinic for her issue with skin rashes. Before the treatment my mother had a lot of issues with itchiness and a burning sensation on the skin due to the rashes. When she visited Dr. Pranjal, her issues were heard patiently and the necessary treatment was given. My mother found results within a few days of following her prescription course. It has helped her recover a lot. With the follow up visit to the clinic, the doctor changes the prescription and minimizes the dosage based on the recovery rate. I’m very happy with her treatment and would definitely recommend her to others.

Praveen Bansal

My son got a skin allergy and it turned out to be very severe. As he being a kid I preferred an experienced dr to treat him. I have read and heard a lot about dr health and skin doctor pranjal and came to know she is been treating patients with skin problems for more that 25 years. My experience was very good and dr explained the issue and how to get it treated from the root.

Sabitri Kisku

She is a very good skin specialist with apt diagnosis and effective results. I had some skin rashes below my knees on the front of my right thigh. Since I ignored it for long gradually it became worse and also spread till my ankle. It is not completely gone it has become almost unnoticeable. I can now wear clothes that suit me as previously I would have to hide my skin and also go for swimming and stuff. Except for the long wait and some communication issues due to language barrier with the staff, I can say that the doctor did a good job. She was very polite and also explains very nicely and patiently. I recommend this doctor.

Nandita Gupta

Since one and half years we have been undergoing treatment Rashes. for our 5 year old son – generally for allergic of problum. Thanks to Dr. Pranjal shamsher their wonderful consultation and treatment .Medicines show immediate effect especially for acute infections. My son has being improving a lot day by day. jayanagar clinc.

Suhana Ahuja

Dr Pranjal was very good in taking care of my problem. I met 2 doctor before Dr Pranjal but she is different and i suggest you to visit her clinic on Fungal infection diseases.. i undergone treatment with 3 steps where it cured with root of problem. i am very much Thankfully to her the way she resolved my problem through it was 3 months treatment am happy i with her treatment and suggestions. Thank You Dr Pranjal Shamsher keep it up.

Krishna Thakur

good treatment. safe medicine. my leg eczema cured in 10 months. Dr. Pranjal said its not curable and may relapse and so gives big lists of dos and donts to follow. so far so good. doc is quite convincing and does not sugar coat anything.

Ashik Ansari

The external application that Dr. Pranjal prescribed was very very good. It cooled and gave big relief from all the itch and scratch. I had bad itching and allergy, spent sleepless nights. Tried all lotions and potions and met almost every doctor in Bangalore, but this is the only one which cured me. Used medicines for 9 months. Now it’s all cured.

Prachi Deshpande

My husband had eczema from which he recovered in 6-7 months..I totally recommend this clinic for all people who are suffering from same…Just visit here and am sure u will not be disappointed. This is good clinic for treatment related to skin allergy.

Swati Reddy

I was suffering from a very bad skin Allergy but after taking treatment from Dr Health in jayanagar I got cured all my Allergies. Along with skin allergy, I was having frequent cold and sneezing and even that got better. Now I won’t use even the nasal spray or any kind of medicine. Dr PRANJAL SHAMSHER helped so much to cure all my skin allergy I recommend all the people suffering from any kind skin Allergies or anything else to take treatment from Dr health.

Mohammed Yasser

I once had very sensitive allergic skin. My face would become reddish when I used even a simple cream. If I smiled my skin would hurt. Persistent itching was unbearable and that often led me to scratch my face. This increased my pimples. I was dejected by my skin condition and stopped meeting people and going out. Thanks to Dr. Health skin treatment, my skin allergy has cured completely. The pigmentation and dark circles have faded. Nowadays even my friends are seeking advice from me.

Megha Soumya

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