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I definitely got benefited with Doctor’s treatments. I consulted Dr. Pranjal for my psoriasis problem, I had severe itching and scaling on my scalp and other parts of my body, was literally into tears. Visited few reputed hospitals in the city but did not get much results. After I search for Dr Pranjal shamsher reviews and started taking her treatment I started getting better. After about 5-6 months treatment I am quite alright now. I genuinely thank to dr. health clinic.

Jeh Khurana

I had black pigmentations on my face and I consulted Dr. pranjal shamsher at dr health clinic. Doctor said these are freckles, she however had given some topical cream and some homeopathic tablets to eat and said that it would reduce with that. Within 2 months of taking her treatment I saw a lot of improvement, the pigmentations have almost disappeared. My treatment is still on as it is a 6 months medication and thanks to dr health clinic for treating me.

Keshavi Sharma

It’s the best skin clinic I’ve ever been and Dr.Pranjal shamsher who treated me and such a great job in clearing out my acne treatment at a great value for money. The doctor is very friendly, explain the solution for all our skin problems, Doctor recommend few medications, moreover she listen to us carefully and patiently and tells how long it will be cured.

Sayam Verma

I have visited the Dr. health clinic after checking some Dr Pranjal shamsher reviews for my skin rashes with that I am struggling lot during the summer season, Dr. Pranjal has attended my case and she listened all my problem with patience and explained the precautions and to cure. Now with in the short period i see good results for her treatment and felt happy.

Kumari R

I have acne issue from last 13 years I tried all from the to homemade solution but nothing work and my acne going bad to worse, on a one fine day my father friend suggest him about Dr, pranjal initially we were like we tried everything let’s give a try. She listened to her patient very camly and reach to the source of disease, her treatment worked on and my face and skin getting clearer and fairer day by day

Tasha Sreenivasan

I had white patches on my face. Someone suggested me to meet doctor Pranjal. She patiently analyzed my skin and suggested for treatment. I already took seen many doctors but no result found, but now am able to see lot of difference. I am confident that my problems will fade away. I recommend everyone to go to Dr Health clinic and meet Dr. Pranjal Shamsher. She was so friendly and patient with me. Happy experience!

Cheshta Garg

I have been seeing Dr. Pranjal for 5 months for my acne scar. She is the best dermatologist I have ever seen. She is patient friendly doctor and analyze the disease clearly and give treatment by understanding the root cause. Thanks for bringing back my skin as it was before. Dr. Pranjal is highly recommended for acne.

Devikaa Charya

I have under eye dark circles problem that time i researched and I sow some dr health skin clinic reviews and consulted Dr Pranjal madam is very nice and knowledgeable person and shel understood my problem .madam give treatment to me which includes specific face pack kit which is very refreshing and good changes was visible in 4 to 5 weeks I am very happy with result

Anamreeta gaur

I was suffering from acne from last 5 months. I was searching best dermatologist near me then I come to know about Dr. health clinic and I checked some dr pranjal shamsher reviews on her treatment. I took appointment and I went her clinic. Doctor is patients friendly and explaining about acne treatment is easy to follow. She listened to my problem carefully and also told me what could have caused it. The clinic staff is also very friendly. I’m so happy to tell you that got fully treated within 20 days only in single visit.

Pushpa Chavan

My dad developed psoriasis and it affected him very badly. He had bad cuts on his hand and his feet and sometimes the cuts would bleed. A friend then recommended Dr Health clinic and I also searched for dr pranjal shamsher reviews, it was good so my dad booked an appointment for a consultation. The doctor actually consulted him for a good 30–50 mins. My dad has been following the treatment consistently and his condition has improved a lot.

Raju Kumar
5 / 5

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