Dr. Shahid Shamsher Trichologist

Dr. Shahid Shamsher Trichologist

  • 27 Years of Experience
  • One of India’s First Certified Trichnologist
  • Certified From U.K, Australia & India
  • Successfully Treated Over 1,00,000 Hair Patients
  • Consults All Patients Himself, No Assistant Or Junior Doctors
  • Gives Honest And Straightforward Opinion On Results
  • Author & Columnist In Leading Newspapers


At Dr. Health Hair Clinic, we use latest technologies like Tricho Analysis for in-depth analysis of hair and scalp.

Hair has a very long-term memory. From the geographical areas you have visited to the type of diet you have had; it records almost every change that you undergo. The protein in hair fiber holds the composition of the body tissues for a permanent period. By analyzing the hair fiber composition, a trained eye can diagnose what toxins have accumulated in the body tissues and what vitamins and minerals are depleted or too abundant causing an imbalance in body function. In short, Tricho analysis specifies which supplements your body is lacking, nutritionally.


From identifying defects in the basic structure of the hair shaft to checking status of the hair roots and scalp sebum secretion, Tricho analysis helps in finding more accurate reasons for hair loss.


On the basis of your Tricho Analysis results, our Trichologist will formulate a cause-specific line of treatment for you that may include a single treatment or a combination of treatments:


  • Oral medicines that may include Tricho Active Supplements and medicines to boost hair growth by stimulating the roots.
  • Personalized haircare regimen as per your hair and scalp type.
  • Dietary advice and nutritional supplements to correct the deficiency
  • Tricho Active Extracts that stimulate damaged hair follicles and stimulate new growth, used in conjunction with non-invasive derma roller. The use of non-invasive derma roller increases absorption of these Tricho Active Extracts thereby increasing their efficacy.
  • Hair dos and don’ts


Dr. Health Hair Clinic uses latest treatment methods with clinically proven results. Dr. Health Hair Clinic Specializes in the treatment of:


  • Men’s Hair Loss
  • Women’s Hair Loss
  • Recurring Dandruff
  • Scalp infections
  • Premature Greying of Hair

All hair treatments at Dr. Health Hair Clinic are 100% free from side-effects, safe even for pregnant women and nursing mothers.


Mayura Kumar

I have no hereditary hair thinning or baldness in my family on either my mother’s or father’s side. But in the past few months my hair had been abruptly thinning. My pony tail was shrinking and a lot more full length hair strands were coming out in my hair brush and comb. I was very freaked out at that point. I have always had a full head of hair. I did stop taking my birth control pills in the past few months. And that is what was the main culprit. This is what Dr Shamsher Shahid said that the birth control medicine that I had stopped taking suddenly was the cause of my hair loss which had disturbed my hormones completely. Its been 3 months now since the completion of my treatment and hair fall is still under control. So I guess the hormonal guys have fallen completely in their places.

Shekhar Iyengar

I was suffering from male pattern baldness hence got a hair transplant done few years back. But I didn't realise that hair transplant is not the ultimate solution as it does not save the already existing hair. Took the finest tablets and minxodil for 2 years but my hair line kept receeding back. Finally decided to seek a trichologist opinion. I am taking a treatment from Dr Shahid Shamsher since the last one year and since then my hair fall is completely under control and amazingly there are no side effects at all. Whereas earlier would get so much itching and irritation after using the allopathic medicines. Must say that his medicines are very good to save the existing hair and no side effects which is a very big plus point. Like most of people I felt the same that doing hair transplant is enough and don't need to do anything after transplant. But the fact is that we actually need to take a proper treatment to save the existing hair.

Jitu Kumar

I usually color my hair and a few weeks ago I did a triple process where I had 3 different colors put in but the process of bleaching. My new roots started growing back so I decided to lighten them. While applying the bleach we noticed a bald spot at the back of my head. It was smooth soft and the same color of my scalp. It has feeling and it does not pain at all. To get my scalp examined I went to Dr Shahid Shamsher who initially got angry at me saying bleach can burn the hair root and cause permanent balding. On examining my scalp he said that I had developed some scalp infection so he gave me some cream to apply twice a day for 2 weeks, thereafter once for a week and alternate day post that. So after 4 weeks of following his treatment I finally got relief from the scalp infection. Also he has asked me to wait it out for 3-6 months to grow some new hair at the bad spot. So overall satisfied with his treatment… Dr Shahid saved my hair.

Vandita Tyagi

My scalp has always been on the oily side. In the beginning, I didn’t pay much attention to my hair loss. I merely dismissed it as part and parcel of life's stresses. It was only when my hair started falling noticeably that I began to panic. Luckily, a solution was at hand with Dr Shahid Sir. I was told that my hair loss was due to my unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. Under the treatment of Dr Shahid Sir, my hair problem has been solved though I still don’t believe him that my hair loss was due to my unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits but must be true, can’t know exactly. Again he has prescribed Himalaya shampoo for my oily scalp and has advised to wash my hair regularly with the shampoo which is a little impractical and inconvenient is what I personally feel. Changing my eating habits as per the doctor’s suggestion is also a little difficult with my busy schedule. But anyways my hair loss has reduced for now. So I am satisfed. Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure! Now, I always coax my friends to seek treatment not just for hair loss, but also to prevent the hair loss even before it happens.

Tarang Satyavolu

My hair loss was pretty bad. I always had fine hair, but I had tons of it. Now it's fine and so so sparse. When the sun shines, I can really see how little hair I have. I definitely got more than the recommended amount of protein every day, so I would hate to see how bad it would be if I didn't and I take Biotin also every day. I had resigned myself to the fate of severely thinning hair. So when I sought the treatment of Dr Shahid Shamsher, I did not have high expectations. However, with my persistence and patience, I found gradual improvement in my hair growth. The amount of hair shed all over my bedroom floor has lessened dramatically. I'm almost 10 months out, and it's starting to slow down, and I'm also seeing re-growth, which is great, but I have those annoying little 2 inch hairs that stand straight up. So frustrating, but I'm glad it's growing back in for sure!

Asha Shastri

My hair has always been dry and I was also plagued by greying and white hair. I tried a lot of different shampoos and tonics, but it was all in vain. Depressed and dejected, I approached Dr Shahid Shamsher, the hair care specialist for help. He was the one who told me that constantly switching between inappropriate shampoos had made my hair even drier. To my shock, I discovered that I had been using the wrong types of shampoo all this while, because I had been choosing my shampoo based on my hair type instead of my scalp type. After taking his treatment for a whole 6 months, oral medicines and using his prescribed shampoo appropriate to my scalp type, Dr Shahid patiently taught crucial basic hair care tips to guide me in lifelong hair care. Now, I live life fully with fuller hair!





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