Dr. Health Hair Clinic is one of the first and oldest Dermatology  Clinic in Bangalore. It is renowned for the Best Skin clinic and skin Treatment in Bangalore. Dr. Health Hair Clinic has the distinction of being the first exclusive dermatology Clinic providing the Best Skin Treatment in Bangalore across all zones – North, South, East, and West of Bangalore since its inception 15 years ago. 

People seeking answers about diseases of the skin, mucous membranes and nails, and facial aging find the help they need at the widely respected Dr. Health Clinic. Our skin specialists diagnose and treat hundreds of conditions, including rare and genetic disorders. Doctor works closely with you to understand your dermatologic needs and find the right answers the first time.

Dr. Health Clinic recognized nationally for its expertise in diagnosing and treating conditions of skin problems.

We use advanced treatment to treat all kinds of skin problems in Bangalore

Besides being our largest organ, the skin is constantly on display to others around us. This means that its exposure to risks is bigger, and it can be affected and damaged by various factors that are outside of our control. These factors may be genetic predispositions, infections, or even environmental hazards. Dr.Health clinic offers a wide range of dermatological services for conditions that affect the skin from alopecia and acne, to psoriasis in both adults and children.”

Dr. Health ‘ and a pioneer in skin-friendly treatments. With over 20 years of experience in the field of skin, she has devised a unique multi-therapy approach that provides safer alternatives…

With years of experience in the field of Dermatology, Dr. Health Clinic prides itself in providing the safest and non-invasive Treatment for Skin disorders in Bangalore.