Hair Loss Due To Dietary Deficiency And Weight Loss

Hair Loss Due To Dietary Deficiency And Weight Loss

Trichologist Dr. Shahid Shamsher talks about impact of Dietary Deficiency and Weight Loss on Hair Loss.

How does weight loss and dietary deficiency cause Hair Loss?

Weight Loss and Dietary Deficiency lead to a condition called Telogen Effluvium, in which there is a sudden onset of severe hair loss, often in clumps together. In some cases this starts immediately after the weight loss and in some cases may start even 2-3 months after the weight loss has occurred.

Why are women more susceptible to Hair Loss due to Dietary Deficiency?

Women tend to have their vitamin counts dropping very easily during their monthly cycles and more so if they have heavy bleeding. Which is why, many women even when overweight, have latent deficiencies, which are easily exacerbated with any further weight loss program or crash dieting, thus making women more vulnerable to hair loss as compared to men. The same principle applies to young girls who try to lose even just 2-3 kgs trying to get that perfect figure. Food plays an important role in Hair Loss.

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