Dark circles under the eyes are caused by several factors, some of which are avoidable and can be prevented and treated easily. So let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of dark circles.

Skin allergies – This is the most common cause of dark circles. The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate and is a very prone to eczema. Other triggers of eczema around the eyes are cosmetics like eyeliners, kajal and eye shadows. In some cases the person may develop an allergy to his own oil or sweat. The skin usually appears coarse and wrinkled. Damage control includes exfoliating packs to even out the skin texture and gels for skin lightening.  

Sinusitis – Sinus or nasal inflammation results in venous congestion which can cause bruising around the bridge of the nose and eyes giving rise to the typical appearance of dark circles. Along with dark circles, patients often complain of headaches or are found to be constantly rubbing their eyes. In such cases, treating sinusitis or the allergy is the first step. In most cases, the dark circles treatment alone can reduce them. However in some cases certain eye packs and face packs may be required in addition to treating the allergies. 

Lack of nutrients – Iron deficiency or lack of Vitamin C can also cause dark circles. Many women with low hemoglobin count find dark circles becoming more prominent during periods. Skipping meals or having too much of coffee can also lead to dark circles. Chronic illnesses like stomach or thyroid problems or sudden and severe weight loss can also result into dark circles. Identifying and fulfilling the deficiency can often reverse the dark circles.

Fatigue, Stress and Lack of Sleep – These triggers are completely avoidable. The solution is simple, get more rest. Unfortunately with rising responsibilities of work and family, many people do not get adequate rest. Treating anxiety and forcing a break to relax and de-stress here is very important.

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