Trichologist Dr Shahid Shamsher, talks about Telogen.

What happens in Telogen Effluvium?

This name itself is quite suggestive. It is derived from a combination of 2 words- Telogen which refers to the falling phase of the hair and Effluvium which means to “evaporate”. Thus in condition the hair fall is so rapid and fast, that one can almost say the hair simply “evaporates” from the head, leading to substantial baldness in a very short time period. Often the patient describes that even simply touching the head leads to the falling off a few hair strands.

What are the causes of Telogen effluvium (T.E)?

The common causes are – repeated change of water as occurs from traveling, fevers and chronic illness, emotional stress like exam stress, certain medications like oral contraceptives, crash dieting, child birth etc. Often this condition comes with other hair loss conditions worsening the situation.

For example, let’s says a person having hereditary hair loss also has to travel frequently. Frequent travel causes T.E, which then increases the hair fall, rapidly leading baldness. This is why very often we see the young man/woman go balder faster than their parents ever did.


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