As you age, you’ll see changes in height, weight, hair, skin, eyesight, and many other things.

But when something changes before the age of the correct state, it’s an alarm for you!

You can take care of it by making things right, and correct.

Moreover, to make things good, firstly you need to rectify your habits or behaviors that make your skin take an incorrect course of action.

Here are some habits, If they are in your regular life, that’ll make you look old before the pre-decided time.

Not Exercising

Exercise is the best way to boost blood circulation in your body. 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily is just enough to keep your skin healthy.

Why Exercise?

Because, while exercising your body throws toxins out along with sweat and this helps in looking your skin young & healthy.

Hence, It’s advisable to exercise 5 times a week. We’re not telling you to do the hard muscles exercise. At the start, you can take brisk walking.

Using skincare products with harsh ingredients

Skincare products are meant to help you care for your skin, and make it glowing and beautiful.

But, some of the products may do more harm than good.

The skin products responsible for causing harm, are formulated with harsh chemicals that cause damage to the skin.

It is important to use gentle products made with a soft composition that can ultimately help you in making the skin gentle and glowing without any side effects.

Taking the phone to bed

We’re very well aware of how prolonged exposure to blue light emitting from phones disturbs our bodies and mental health.

The amount of impact it has on our sleep cycle is unimaginable, as it leads other diseases to flourish in our bodies.

This disruption leads to not only premature aging but also other health issues, breakouts, stress, and lack of sleep.

The sleep of at least five hours is considered to be safe, so, from today, try to avoid your bed gadgets for a good night’s rest, dreams, and essentially for a healthy mind and body.

Drinking too much coffee

A red alert for coffee lovers!

Your skin looks dehydrated, dull, and aged, this all happens when the moisture of your body starts depleting and one of the main causes for this occurrence is the high consumption of caffeine.

To keep your body hydrated take a cup of juice instead.

Or do limit your coffee consumption to two cups a day.

Unhealthy eating

Junk food, Fatty food, yes! We’re going to talk about it in a little detail.

The impact of your unhealthy food choices will soon be getting visible on your skin.

Fatty food – High-fat foods including eggs, dairy products, and plants like avocados. These are not the best options if you want to have glowing and youthful-looking skin.

Junk food – A food that constitutes lots of calories but little nutritional value. Which are those burgers and fries that only hasten up your aging growth.

That’s why, it is said that a proper diet can help you look Thirteen years younger, while a bad diet can make you look Fourteen years older.

Poor cleansing

It’s very important to completely clean and remove your makeup. But it became a mistake when cleansing is done very poorly.

You can use makeup wipes to remove all makeup or any suitable makeup remover.

Makeup removers tend to be oil-based formulations, so the second step is to ensure that the residual oil is removed from the skin to thoroughly unclogs the pores.

Sleep position and poor sleep quality

In a study, plastic surgeons noticed various facial lines on their patient’s faces. A detailed observation has revealed that they were caused by their sleeping position.

The doctors have concluded that these lines can be considered a factor in the formation of wrinkles on the face.

Furthermore, a question that is always asked is about the hours of sleep. But, the answer lies in the quality of sleep.

Poor sleepers’ skin recovery is 30 % less compared to good-quality sleepers. Also, they are discovered to have lower satisfaction with their appearance.

As a result, it’s good to destress oneself for a good quality sleep that will ultimately result in glowing and beautiful skin.

Tips to combat skin aging

Taking care of your skin is not that hard, you just need to take some tweaks in your lifestyle.

For now, you can start with the following tips.

Eat healthily

The first step here is to increase the portion of fruits and vegetables while cutting back on red meat. Sounds simple and easy?


30 minutes of exercise daily can help you to control or even reverse the aging process to some extent. It’s better to start as early as possible to make it effective.
Physical activities should continue to be a part of our lives even as we get older and older.

Limit device usage

A very well-known fact is that when we use devices we make ourselves exposed to HEV lights. And as a remedial measure, you’ve to reduce your time spent on these devices.

What you need to do is?

Take some breaks off in between those regular nine to five marathons at your computer screen also before going to bed. In addition, try to avoid unnecessary use of devices.

Healthy lifestyle choices

Your hard work in making the skin glow again will not be successful until you complement it with healthy lifestyle choices.

Do try some simple hacks like drinking plenty of water, cutting alcohol and coffee consumption, and increasing the portion of reach fruits and veggies.

Choose the right products

Good skin care products are like a companion for life. You need to go through some bad before finding out the good ones. If you select beauty products without good advice, you making the problem worse than good.

Final words

Stopping aging problems and reversing them, is not a myth anymore. The secret lies in choosing the right dermatologist and the right team to provide you with these treatments. You don’t have to compromise on skin integrity and gestures to look young.

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Dr. Pranjal Shamsher is the first Skin Doctor in Bangalore to offer natural, non-surgical and non-invasive treatments for skin disorders. She is a Registered Medical Practitioner (Registration No A-6516) and a true pioneer in Skin-Friendly Treatments.