‘Postpartum Hair Loss’ is a disappointing reality! Isn’t it? But at the same time, the feeling of becoming a mother is the most rewarding thing women can achieve. Shedding thousands of strands of hair in a day is quite normal for them. I am sure the difficulties that they experience while carrying and raising a child is something that gives them immense happiness.

Post-delivery hair fall occurs because of fluctuating hormone levels. A high level of estrogen increases blood as well as nutrient circulation in women’s bodies, which increases hair growth. However, after delivery, the estrogen level comes back to normal and this is when women experience hair loss. We will brief you about postpartum hair loss, its causes, and the hair fall treatment in Bangalore that you can undergo.

What Are The Causes of Occurrence of Postpartum Hair Loss?

As per the research, 40% to 50% of women are affected by postpartum hair loss. Hormonal rush and stress are the main factors that result in this. However, some other causes of hair loss that should be known are as follows:

  • Increase in Stress Levels and Lack of Sleep: Giving birth to a child is hard on a woman’s body. And, when under stress and depression, it tends to disrupt your hair growth. On the other hand, lack of sleep post-delivery also causes hair loss. Some women also suffer from anemia which worsens the situation more.
  • Precipitous Decline of Estrogen and Progesterone: After the baby is born, the levels of estrogens and progesterone fall sharply, thereby abandoning the hair of its much-needed shine and glaze. The normal levels of estrogen in a woman’s body are between 10-50 pg/ml.
  • Poor Eating Habits: Healthy eating is important for the mom as well as the baby. Any nutrition missing in your body can result in extreme hair loss. Hence, having a poor diet is very harmful to your hair and the body.

The above are the causes of post-delivery hair loss but you need not worry! We are here with some best hair treatments in Bangalore that will help you prevent it to some extent.

Effective Tips to Reduce Hair Loss

 Do you know how to prevent postpartum hair loss? It is not something that can immediately stop. Postpartum hair loss is a normal consequence of changing hormones. However, some tips should be followed to reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

A Healthy Diet is a Must: Eat the best food for thick and healthy hair. Having a healthy diet is a significant factor for every new mom. It helps them in overall recovery and puts a stop to postpartum hair loss from moving ahead. Balanced amounts of nutrients and vitamins must be taken by them. Along with a healthy diet, staying hydrated is also the most important thing to be considered.

Reduce Stress Levels: Reduced stress levels have extra benefits that help women in regulating their hormonal imbalances. It is advisable to undergo meditation and breathing exercises. Moreover, regular and sensible exercise also helps in reducing stress.

Take Plenty of Rest: It is a fact that hair follicles grow when your body is resting. Make sure that women get enough sleep, which eventually will support hair growth. If the schedule allows, the mother must sleep when her baby is sleeping.

Manage your Hair with Care: rough handling may result in more postpartum hair loss. Take care of your hair and gently shampoo and brush it. This will keep the hair follicles healthy.

Treatments for Postpartum Hair Loss

Getting treated and giving your hair time to recover is all you can do for the time being. Patience is the key here. Soon you will notice your hair returning to normal. There are many treatment options available. However, consulting a doctor will help you decide the best-suited one for yourself. Let’s check the treatment pans available in totality:

Inculcating Multivitamins in your Diet: Biotin is one of the main ingredients that help in boosting hair loss. It will bring major changes in the growth of your hair. You will experience that individual strands of hair are strengthened. On the other hand, do consult your dermatologist for the same.

 Use of Volumizing Shampoo: The proteins in these shampoos can help your hair look fuller. Along with this, the use of conditioner at the end of strands nourishes your hair largely.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment: PRP is a treatment that will help restore the receded hairline and contribute to its re-growth. In this treatment, the doctor extracts blood from the patient and the plasma component is separated from the blood, which is then adulterated by the growth component. This mixture is then injected back into the patient’s body through the scalp.

Minoxidil: Also referred to as Rogaine, this treatment opens up hair follicles for improved hair growth.

Intake of Vitamin Supplements: For hair loss concerns, consult your doctor about mineral and vitamin intake supplements. It promotes hair regrowth. Vitamins like B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and fatty acids are essential.


In conclusion, postpartum hair fall, even though it causes stress, is a natural thing that takes place in all women post-delivery. Usually, it resolves on its own but taking extra care and paying special attention to it can help any further complications and stress. Get yourself treated by the doctor, implement the self-remedy treatments and you will be good to go in just a few months.

It’s essential to seek proper treatment from a trichologist to ensure the best possible outcome. Our team of expert trichologists can provide you with a personalized hair loss treatment plan that targets your specific needs.

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