Almost every person around the globe is well-verse in all the covid19 virus situations. This is the situation in which can cause cough, cold, and shortness of breath to the person. This virus has a huge impact on the human body directly or indirectly. Many people have confirmed unusual symptoms that might include loss of smell or taste; even some have experienced swelling of the eyelids. Many people who have survived the COVID19 virus complain about hair loss. Even this situation has caused a lot of stress, which might cause weakness in hair follicles.

On the scalp, there are 5% of the resting follicles, 10% are the shedding hair follicles, and the rest of the 85% of the hair follicles are the growing ones in a normal person. But in the Covid-19 situation, the shedding hair follicles have increased up to 40%, which is very high. This situation is seen among the covid19 patients who are above the age of 30.

Myths about hair loss

There are a few myths associated with hair loss that couldn’t be farther than the truth. Let’s take a look at them –

  • Shampooing your hair too much causes hair loss.
  • Dandruff can lead to permanent hair loss.
  • Stress leads to permanent hair loss in men and women.
  • Shaving your head will make the hair grow back thicker.
  • Standing on your head increases blood circulation to the head, stimulating hair growth.
  • Brushing your hair 100 strokes per day will make them healthier.
  • Wigs and hats cause extensive hair loss.
  • Hair loss only affects intellectual women.

It is crucial to understand that some of these factors may contribute to hair loss but cannot be entirely responsible for the condition. It is usually a combination of different factors, which is why our hair treatment in Bangalore will take a holistic approach is helping you deal with your hair loss issues.

Why are more and more men losing hair and balding early?

The vast majority of men who go bald do so because of a hereditary condition known as androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as male pattern baldness. According to the American Hair Loss Association, 95 percent of hair loss in men is caused by androgenetic alopecia. This inherited trait that tends to give guys a receding hairline and a thinning crown is caused by a genetic sensitivity to a byproduct of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Apart from heredity, the added influence of environmental factors like change of water, traveling, exposure to toxins, dietary deficiencies, and stress can hasten the process of baldness. The logic is simple, the more the factors the sooner and faster is the baldness.

Here are a few reasons for the direct impact of covid19 on human life. Let’s have a look at them.

Stress and anxiety:

Many people are facing the problem of hair loss in this situation because of stress. Some people with covid 19 develop a disease which is known as telogen alopecia. This can lead to hair loss, hormonal change, anxiety, etc.


People with Covid-19 face an extremely high fever that makes the body very weak from the inside. This way, the body is not able to respond well.

Less oxygenated blood:

Many people experience shortness in the vessels. This means the person is not able to get enough of the oxygen in their body. Even the scalp might be the area that might be receiving very little oxygen. This way, the hair loss on the scalp might be huge, which can cause a problem for the person on the whole.

Even many people feel under pressure when it comes to the covid-19 situation. Many people have lost jobs that are arising financial issues for them. Even many people have lost their loved ones in this pandemic. The overall situation is burdensome for the person to take in. Many of us have just lost the social life that might put a person in anxiety and emotional stress, which might not be great for the person.

If you are a person who is also suffering from any hair loss problem, it is better to get the right hair treatment in Hyderabad. It will take a good time to return all things to normal. But it will be great to see hair specialist in Hyderabad that will help in providing the right advice to get things done. The person is highly recommended to get the right diet which includes all the nutrients essential for the overall health of the human body. Although the Covid19 situation is a great problem, every person needs to be self-sufficient and stay strong to fight back

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