Urticaria is itchy rashes that appear on the skin that are also known as hives, and these are caused due to many different reasons. There can be many triggers to this kind of condition, and some of the triggers are a physical trigger, exposure to an allergen, cloth material and discomfort caused by tight clothes, health conditions that are underlying due to genes.

We know what it’s like to be in constant discomfort because of frequent hives. The products you used to treat such conditions should be formulated by dermatologists, allergy specialists, and pharmacists to understand that you have tried all the other treatments and still can’t find relief. We know what you’re going through and would recommend you get skin clinic in Hyderabad

What are the symptoms?

Here are some of the symptoms that you should look for to confirm whether you have hives:

  1. Skin lesions will appear in the triggered area of the body.
  2. The lesions are often seen in a cluster or batch. The entire patch usually turns red. In some cases, it is also pink or skin-colored.
  3. The lesions may also occur with bumps, and these fade away in 24 hours. The old ones fade away, and the new ones keep on forming, and the area can be different too.
  4. They are of different sizes, and these can differ from tiny spots to being a few inches across.

Hives can appear in different locations on the body and sometimes at multiple places. They mainly occur near the legs, arms, face, or trunk.

Usually, hives are just triggered due to some allergen and go away within 24 hours. They are harmless and not serious if they go away. If your hives stay for a long time, then you need to reach out to a good dermatologist who can detect it well and help you with the treatment.

What should you Do?

The goal of urticaria treatments is to relieve the symptoms, prevent itching and infections and treat the urticaria.

1) External applications – Most patients with chronic itching develop dark, leather-like skin on affected areas. Further open scratch wounds are also prone to bacterial infections & soon starts oozing pus or bleeding. The external applications include ointments and creams to restore the skin barrier,treat infections and reduce itching. To facilitate absorption these applications are usually applied when the skin is damp, such as after bathing.

2) Oral medicines – Oral medicines are prescribed to control inflammation, reduce immune system reactions and to treat the allergy. Anti-bacterial or anti-fungal medication may be prescribed in cases with super-added infections.

3) Skin Care – This is one of the most important elements in managing all types. Continuation of skincare even after the skin has healed helps to prevent relapses.

Follow the instructions given to you by the dermatologist to always get rid of such problems effectively and quickly. Since consultation is now possible online, don’t delay your health issues and always reach out to the doctor at the comfort of your home for skin treatment in Bangalore.

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