Hair loss is something that can happen to anyone because of lifestyle changes, stress, dust, and many other factors. In addition, losing hair is common and can be seen in people of any age group. However, there is a condition that can be horrifying for many because of extreme hair loss, and this is known as Alopecia areata. This hair loss condition occurs when the immune system attacks the follicles of the hair and starts causing hair loss in patches. Because of this autoimmune disorder, one can also go bald in patches from many places. Thus, it would be better to identify the reason for your hair fall so that alopecia areata treatment can be started right on time. 

Signs of Alopecia areata that you should know

The reason why this hair loss condition happens is an autoimmune reaction in which the body’s immune system attacks the body’s cells. Thus, the follicles are attacked causing patches. 

How would you know that this is a condition of alopecia areata? Here are the main signs and symptoms that you need to look for:

  • Thinning of body hair such as eyebrows and beard

Unfortunately, Alopecia areata not only attacks your head to lose hair but also causes the thinning of your beard, eyebrows, and mustache. If you are experiencing sudden thinning of your body hair then you must consult a hair specialist.

  • Patchy bald spots

Another sign that can be worrisome is the bald spots in circular shape and patchiness on the head. Bald spots on the head and strips of hair loss are signs of alopecia that can happen in just a few days. Also, there will be itchiness and a burning sensation on the head before the hair loss.

  • Excessive hair on the brush while combing

It is normal and obvious to get some strands of hair while combing or washing it. However, this should be not more than 70-100 strands per day. If you start noticing excessive hair loss while washing or combing then this sign to get the best treatment for alopecia areata.

How quickly alopecia areata can progress?

Many people who are suffering from this condition want to know- how quickly alopecia areata can develop and progress. Well, there is no straight answer for this as this condition affects everyone differently. So, the rate of progression of alopecia areata will vary from person to person.

With the proper treatment, one can get re-growth of the hair. However, as said earlier, this progression of hair fall and hair re-growth is influenced by many factors. Hair can grow within just a few months after treatment whereas in some cases it might take longer time than this in many cases.

It is crucial to understand for all of us that Alopecia areata is a long-term condition that starts suddenly and causes round patches of hair on the scalp. The hair loss might last for a few months and then it might re-grow. This hair loss may be slow for some and it can happen fast. Once the autoimmune condition has developed in the body, you may witness this hair loss either gradually or quickly.

 How to control and treat alopecia areata?

If you have been diagnosed with alopecia areata then it is crucial to search for the best doctor for alopecia areata treatment. There is no guaranteed treatment for this autoimmune condition but it can surely be controlled. 

The hair specialist may suggest some treatment that helps hair grow more quickly. In many cases, doctors prescribed some medicated shampoos and other medications so that hair can be re-grown at a fast pace. The main treatment for this condition focuses on making the scalp healthier so that it can regain the health of the scalp and follicles. With this, there will be the regeneration of hair follicles resulting in hair re-growth.

If anyone has been receiving treatment for alopecia areata for more than 8 to 10 months, the hair specialist might suggest you wait to see if the hair re-grows.

It is always advised not to waste time and get a doctor’s treatment if you have been diagnosed with this condition. Your doctor will advise you of the treatment depending on the type of hair loss that you are having, your age, and the amount of hair loss. 

To sum up,

If you have been seeing a lot of hair loss on your comb or bald patches on your head then consultation with a doctor is necessary. They can diagnose the conditions and prescribe topical medication and medicated shampoos. Through proper treatment, one can get a better cure and hair regrowth with the best treatment for alopecia areata.

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