What is oily dandruff formed of?

Actually it is nothing other than just oil secretion on the scalp, which is known sebum. Every hair root has an oil gland associated with it. The oil gland produces a sticky substance known as sebum which serves the function of lubricating the hair, so that when the hair is moved back and forth, like at the time of combing, the amount of friction is minimized. While this secretion occurs on every scalp, for some people the quantity secreted is on the high side, and that’s when it starts accumulating on the surface of the head. As it accumulates, it causes itching, and when scratched, comes out like white powder in the finger nails. Because it is white and powdery it is often confused with dandruff.

Is this harmful?

Some people tend to get obsessed with it and being sticky in nature it can attract a lot of dust and pollution and therefore easily develop into a fungal infection of the scalp, which then can lead to hair loss. However if it is maintained properly, then scalp infection or hair loss can be avoided. The trick is not to keep itching and scratching it as that only increases the damage to both the scalp and hair.

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