Trichologist Dr Shahid Shamsher talks about women with hereditary hair loss often refuse to accept it as hereditary until it becomes too late.

Can a woman also get baldness from her father?

Women get half the genes from their father and half from their mother, so there is always a 50% chance of developing male baldness. In fact the risk factor is equal for men and women, however in cases of women male baldness is a hugely under diagnosed condition.

Why is that?

Because most women think they cannot get the baldness genes from their parents. The fact is that women have always been carriers of the gene, seen from the fact that a son can get baldness from either parent’s side, which means the mother, just like father, would have to be a carrier. However nowadays we see the expression of male baldness in women being activated faster and at a younger age.

Why would that be so?

Factors like stress, traveling, change of water to name a few, were earlier seen to act mostly in men. However nowadays women are also getting exposed to the same trigger factors in the environment leading to faster and more hair loss. It would seem that as women are taking on men’s role, so they are taking on the male baldness as well.

What can be done about it?

I think the first thing to do is to accept that you have male baldness. Most women either are not aware of the same, or when made aware, go into denial. And then when the condition gets out of hand, there is no choice but to face it, but by that time however, it maybe too late to anything about it effectively.

Dr Shahid Shamsher is a leading Trichologist certified from UK, Australia & India. Practicing since 27 years in the field of Trichology, even today he consults every patient personally himself rather than leave it to assistants. He can be reached on 080 42067474 / 75.

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