Caffeine is an alkaloid and a stimulant that rapidly generates energy for a short period of time. Although moderate consumption of coffee has no adverse effects on the skin, its addictive nature has led many people into overindulgence. Over dosage of caffeine has been found to have toxic effects on skin. It increases the sebum production thereby causing acne breakouts. It can accelerate ageing, sun damage and can deplete your energy levels. Furthermore it induces stress by increasing the levels of cortisol in your body. Usually, taking coffee and other beverages twice a day is considered moderate.

It is very common to have breakouts of acne during periods. The acne in such cases is mostly found on the lower face, chin and jaw line. This happens due to the hormonal fluctuations which stimulate the sebaceous glands and increase the production of oil. Infact in many cases like the menstrual cycle the acne also follows a 28 day cycle with flare-ups during periods. Some studies have shown that the size of the pores keep varying and are narrowest before periods thereby increasing the clogging of secretions. A few lifestyle changes can however help you. Maintain the hydration of your skin by drinking sufficient water. Avoid foods with high glycemic index like sweets, french-fries and junk foods. Use cosmetics with care to avoid suffocating the already clogged pores. Avoid late nights to ensure that your skin gets enough rest. Avoid getting facials or chemical peels close to your periods.

Dr. Pranjal Shamsher is the first Skin Doctor in Bangalore to offer natural, non-surgical and non-invasive treatments for skin disorders. With over 25 years of experience in the field Dermatology, Dr. Pranjal Shamsher has devised a unique Multi-Therapy approach involving the use of several therapies at the same, to treat the most stubborn, obstinate and long-standing skin disorders with a skin-friendly and 100% side-effect free results. Her integrated and Multi-Therapy approach has helped many chronic disease sufferers to recover safely without any side-effects.

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Dr. Shahid Shamsher is one of India’s first certified Trichologist practicing in the field of Trichology for 27 years and is recognized as one of the Best Hair Doctor in Bangalore. He is the only Trichologist in India to be simultaneously certified from the U.K, Australia, and India.