Your skin is your shield against the environment. When sun exposed, it protects your inner organs and maintains a steady body temperature. However in that process, it bears the brunt of the heat and gets sun burnt, wrinkled, tanned and damaged.

What are the effects of sun exposure on the skin?

Sunlight can have a variety of harmful effects on the skin. It can damage the outer layers and cause premature wrinkling and aging. It can cause face allergies like Photo Dermatitis. It can also trigger off various forms of facial pigmentations like freckles, sun spots, photo melanosis and melasma. 

Can a sunscreen prevent all of this?

A sunscreen can protect the skin from burning and aging, but your can still get tanned after using a sunscreen. This is because all sunscreens allow some UV radiation to penetrate the skin. Therefore many people who apply sunscreens solely to prevent their skin from darkening are not entirely protected by a sunscreen.

So how does one prevent skin darkening due to sun?

Skin darkening is a very normal phenomenon that protects your skin from sun damage. When you are sun exposed, the melanocytes in your skin produce more melanin. The melanin in turn absorbs the UV radiation and therefore protects your skin from a burn. Therefore apart from using a broad spectrum sunscreen, the only sure way to prevent a tan is to wear clothes that cover more of your skin.  

How does one cover the face?

A lot of my patients use sunscreens abundantly. However their face and exposed areas still tan. Many others hardly have any sun exposure, and then too they develop a tan. Sun protection need not always be external. Adequate intake of antioxidants can help to reduce the damage caused by ultra violet radiation. You can take them naturally in fresh salads and brightly colored fruits. Mangoes and papayas are rich in carotene, sweet limes and lemons have Vitamin C and iced tea is rich in flavonoids, all are excellent sources of antioxidants.

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