Is it common for acne to heal with black marks?

PIH develops when acne causes skin inflammation, which triggers the skin to produce too much melanin. The excess melanin darkens and discolors the area for a long time after the active acne has healed. This can make the face appear dark, blotchy and discolored.

Black marks of acne are caused due to a sluggish healing mechanism of the skin. Normally it may take anywhere between 10-14 days for acne marks to heal. However in a few cases, the acne marks seem to stay forever. This is found in cases where acne is also associated with a condition called Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation. In this condition, although the acne heals, it leaves behind a dark purplish or black mark. On an acne prone skin, this type of pigmentation is not only found in places where acne have erupted but also in areas like the nose corners and lip corners. Often the pigmentation is also found in a circular pattern around the mouth and eyes.

Most acne patients tell me that their skin looks flawless after a good nights sleep, and then gets progressively worse throughout the day. A well organized life style with good sleep, healthy food and a stress free mind can make healing of any skin disorder faster. However when it comes to acne specific precautions are necessary. The tendency to pigmentation may need appropriate internal medication. Skin Lightening face packs can be used as soon as acne appears to prevent them from leaving any black marks. Parlor treatments especially those which involve scrubbing and scooping out acne and black heads are to be strictly avoided.

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