Dark Circles are one of those skin diseases, which stick on beneath your eyes. These occur if you are not having quality sleep or lack of proper diet. Other causes include extensive screen time, irregular sleep schedules, stress, and other symptoms. The way to combat this is to have a change of lifestyle. However, it is recommended to have an idea about a few facts about dark circles and some advice on dark circles treatment in Bangalore.

Due to natural loss of volume, sunken eyes become more visible. The delicate skin around the eye tissue is liable to lose collagen, leading to thinner skin. A dehydrated person’s body tissues tend to shrink, including the delicate tissue under the eyes. 

What you must know about dark circles?

Dark circles are the one of the most irritating skin conditions that degrades a person’s look and are a sign of bad nutrition. Here are some of the few key points about dark circles that you must know:

  • Allergic shiners cause dark circles, indicating adrenaline imbalance; creating a lack of sleep and high-stress levels and can be removed only with the dark circle removal treatment.
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking can lead to dark circles too, causing blood vessels to dilate around the eyes. 
  • White hard spots called Milia form immature or underdeveloped sebaceous glands. 
  • Constant eye rubbing leads to more problems. The constant rubbing of the eyes may seem harmless, but it damages the tiny blood vessels beneath the eyes and promotes hemosiderin deposition, which results in pigmentation. It is crucial to resist this impulse or habit, the dermatologist advised.

Some lesser-known facts about dark circles

We have now arrived to the crux of the article where we will discuss about the facts and causes of dark circles that you must know:

Fact 1: There are numerous techniques to treat dark circles, just as there are numerous reasons for them. Only hereditarily induced dark circles are challenging to treat. Otherwise, peels, lasers, and revitalizing eye treatments can readily and safely lighten or treat dark circles from the hands of the best doctor for dark circles.

Fact 2: In addition to being brought on by allergies, drugs, anemia, malnutrition, sun exposure, lack of sleep, dehydration, etc., dark circles can also develop because of the pigmentation of the skin around the eyes. Therefore, the causes might vary, and they can even affect young people.

Fact 3: The hue and shape of dark circles can vary. Poor blood circulation is typically the cause of the lower eyelid’s changing color (purple, black, grey, yellow, and brown circles). But occasionally, dark circles under the eyes caused by excess fat might leave a gap in the shape of the eyes.

Fact 4: Usually, aging makes dark circles look worse. The skin beneath the eyes loses firmness as we age because the production of collagen and elastin decreases. As a result, your skin gets thinner and it is easier to see the reddish-blue blood vessels under your eyes.

Fact 5: Eye lotions that contain chemicals that stimulate the lymphatic and blood circulation systems can improve the look of dark circles. When applying the eye cream, tap the region under the eye with your fingertips to further reduce the appearance of dark circles. The management of stress, and enough sleep, can help avoid or even alleviate dark circles.

Fact 6: An underlying medical problem is a less likely reason for dark circles. Under-eye dark circles can also be caused by illnesses like anemia, malabsorption syndromes, poor nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, hypothyroidism, and specific metabolic syndromes, according to Tirgari. It is always a good idea to have a full physical and get labs with your primary doctor if they persist despite treatment.

Fact 7: The reddish-blue blood vessels under your eyes are more noticeable because of how thin your skin is. Dark circles are a result of poor lymphatic or blood flow, fat buildup, and toxin accumulation under the eyes.


The skin under the eyes is sensitive and thin. Blood vessels become visible as we age because the skin and fat pad under our eyes become thinner. This causes the skin around the eyes to thin and relax, giving the appearance of dark circles. Dark circles are further exacerbated by excessive sun exposure because of the fragile skin around the eyes. Wear safety glasses at all times, so that you can shield your eyes from harm.

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