It seems like some cruel karmic joke. You are old enough to get ageing dark spots, and your skin breaks into acne like a teenager. Acne does not restrict itself to any age. More than age, it’s the skin type and genetic makeup of the oil glands that cause acne. Therefore if your skin is oily and your oil glands are genetically more sensitive to various triggers like stress, hormones, pollution etc then acne can occur even at 50. Unfortunately at that age it can come with pigmentation as well. The most common variety of pigmentation seen on the face is melasma, where the dark patches occur in a butterfly pattern involving the bridge of the nose, cheeks and forehead. It is found mostly in women and occurs during hormonal phase of menopause

Another type, which is more common is seen as dark patches on the sides of the forehead, around the mouth, corners of the nose and skin folds like neck, armpits etc. This is known as seborrheic melanosis and results from allergy and friction due to ones own oil production. Photo melanosis is another type which results from a hypersensitive reaction to sun exposure and is found in all sun exposed areas like the face, neck, upper back and arms.

So how does one deal with these two. The underlying cause needs to be addressed first in order to provide any reduction of the pigmentation. The role of skin care should also not to be missed. To choose the right skin care, you need to have knowledge about the type of your skin, the number of sun exposed hours in a day and the atmospheric triggers that have an adverse effect on your skin.

Studies have shown certain aromatherapy essential oils to be effective against the bacteria involved in adult acne called Propionibacterium Acnes. Treat it before begins to scar.



Dr. Pranjal Shamsher is a Multi-Therapy Consultant and Esthetician with Dr. Health Clinics She can be contacted at 080 42067474 / 75

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