Leaving scars can be a result of acne. Acne is an embarrassing and painful skin disease that affects the skin and sometimes even leads to serious health problems. Besides pain, many people develop several scars resulting from inflamed blemishes on their faces after getting rid of acne.

Although it may take time for these acne scars to disappear, there are several ways to get rid of one’s acne scars and recover shiny and healthy-looking skin back in a matter of a few weeks or months, depending on the severity of the problem.

For example, by using home remedies for scar removal or taking an acne scar treatment in Bangalore, etc., one can achieve amazing results in a short duration. However, before discussing how acne leaves scars, it is important to understand what causes acne.

Here are 7 reasons why does acne leaves scars:

Excessive Production of Mucus by Skin Cells

There are two types of skin cells, namely keratinocytes and muciniphages, which produce the necessary amount of the fluid known as mucin. Still, when these skin cells get infected with bacteria, they start producing an excess amount of mucus. This excessive production of mucus results in inflammation that is further converted into pus, thus creating acne scars on one’s face.

Formation of Blackheads

These are basically clogged pores containing excessive amounts of dirt and grime full of oil sitting over the surface of one’s face giving it a black colour. Their body sometimes tries to fight these blemishes by pushing them out through the surface of their skin to open up the clogged pores. However, if it fails to cause these blackheads out, they get oxidized and turn into scars on their face.

Drying Out of Skin

If they use certain strong acne medications containing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, these medicines cause skin dryness by reducing their water content. This drying effect may result in the formation of shallow pits or depressions, thus leaving scars on their face.

Too Much Production of Collagen

One main reason why acne leaves scars is too much production of collagen, which is one major structural protein found underneath the outermost layer of their skin. When they get acne, the immune system starts fighting with these acne bacteria, thus destroying collagen in affected areas which are finally replaced by scar tissue.

Loss of Skin Tone and Thickness

Some people may lose their skin tone and thickness because of getting too much exposure to the sun or other environmental conditions resulting in the formation of scars on their faces for this reason.

Worsening Acne Scars Due To Injury

Many dermatologists believe that injuries caused due to picking at blemishes further worsen the original acne scars, also making them more prominent in appearance. These can be prevented either by using good-quality makeup or applying a natural moisturizer.

Aging Makes Acne Scars

These are  Appear More Prominent As they grow older, their skin loses its original thickness and tightness, giving rise to acne scars, thus becoming more prominent in appearance. In fact, these scars become more visible due to thinning of the dermis, which is a layer underneath their epidermis.

Therefore, if one is experiencing any scar problem related to acne on their face or other parts of the body, you must take acne scar treatment in Bangalore with some good dermatologists who can provide them with the necessary medication for better results.

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