Certain foods have shown to increase the likelihood of acne and non-vegetarian food is one of them.

Non-veg foods are hard to digest and acid-forming in nature. It is not only non-veg food, but the chemical decomposition of these foods in the digestive system that causes acne breakouts. The saturated fat in animal products and the hydrogenated fat in processed foods produce bio-chemical toxins after decomposition in the gastro-intestinal tract. These toxins the find their way out through the skin pores causing acne. Meat &poultry foods contain hormones which can affect the hormonal balance. Researchers have reported that people who regularly eat meat are more likely to suffer from acne & hirsutism which they attribute to the steroid and hormone levels in meat. If you have an acne prone skin, it would be safe to follow a 80% vegetarian diet.


Dr. Pranjal Shamsher is the first Skin Doctor in Bangalore to offer natural, non-surgical and non-invasive treatments for skin disorders. With over 25 years of experience in the field Dermatology, Dr. Pranjal Shamsher has devised a unique Multi-Therapy approach involving the use of several therapies at the same, to treat the most stubborn, obstinate and long-standing skin disorders with a skin-friendly and 100% side-effect free results. Her integrated and Multi-Therapy approach has helped many chronic disease sufferers to recover safely without any side-effects.



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Dr. Shahid Shamsher is one of India’s first certified Trichologist practicing in the field of Trichology for 27 years and is recognized as one of the Best Hair Doctor in Bangalore. He is the only Trichologist in India to be simultaneously certified from the U.K, Australia, and India.