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Hair Treatment in Chennai

Experience advanced hair loss treatment at our renowned clinic in Chennai, offering personalized solutions for regaining your luscious locks and boosting your confidence.

Hair Fall Treatment: Reclaim Your Hairline

Hair loss, a common condition affecting both men and women, can be a distressing experience that takes a toll on self-esteem and confidence. It is characterized by the gradual thinning of hair, leading to bald patches or even complete hair loss in extreme cases. Fortunately, in Chennai, there are effective hair fall treatment options available to address this issue and help individuals regain their full, healthy hair.

Hair fall treatment in Chennai typically begins with a thorough consultation and examination by a trichologist, who specializes in hair and scalp health. The trichologist will assess the underlying causes of hair loss and design a personalized treatment plan accordingly. 

Dr. Health Hair clinic strives to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for patients throughout their treatment journey. If you are experiencing hair fall and seeking effective solutions, consider exploring the various hair fall treatment options available. With the expertise of experienced professionals, you can regain your confidence and achieve a fuller, healthier head of hair.

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Dr. Shahid Shamsher- Trichologist & Hair Specialist


Trichologist For Hair & Scalp Disorders

Meet Dr. Shahid Shamsher, a distinguished Trichologist with certifications from prestigious institutions in the U.K, Australia, and India. He personally oversees every aspect of his patient’s care, from consultations to treatments. His expertise in the field of trichology makes him a trusted authority in hair regrowth treatment in Chennai, where he employs advanced techniques to provide personalized solutions.

Types of Hair Loss

Androgenetic Alopecia

Also known as male or female pattern baldness, it is the most common type of hair loss characterized by gradual thinning and receding hairline.

Telogen Effluvium

This temporary hair loss condition occurs due to a disruption in the hair growth cycle, causing a large number of hair follicles to enter the resting phase and eventually shed.

Alopecia Areata

An autoimmune disorder that leads to sudden hair loss, resulting in patchy bald spots on the scalp or other areas of the body. It can be unpredictable and may vary in severity.

Causes Of Hair Loss

Genetic factors:

Family history and inherited genes play a significant role in determining the likelihood of experiencing hair loss.

Hormonal changes:

Imbalances in hormones, such as during pregnancy, menopause, or thyroid disorders, can contribute to hair loss.

Medical conditions:

Certain health conditions like alopecia areata, scalp infections, and autoimmune disorders can cause hair loss.

Nutritional deficiencies:

Inadequate intake of essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and vitamins can lead to weakened hair follicles and hair loss.

Stress and lifestyle factors:

Emotional or physical stress, poor nutrition, smoking, and excessive hairstyling can contribute to hair loss.

Treatment Services We Offer

Oral Medication

The hair doctor will prescribe a combination of Tricho active medicines and bioactive proteins to strengthen weak hair roots and stimulate new hair growth. Minoxidil is an effective and best hair treatment in Chennai for oral medication.

External Application

Clinically proven compounds are applied topically to combat hair loss and promote new hair growth. In cases of patchy hair loss, natural hair recovery may occur within a year. Medical and surgical options are available for treating hair loss.

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

PRP therapy is a promising non-surgical approach to treat hair loss and stimulate weakened hair follicles, leading to healthier hair growth. It is an ideal option for individuals who cannot undergo surgery or prefer a non-invasive treatment.

Micro-Therapy Treatment

Micro-therapy involves using a derma roller, a small cylindrical tool with stainless steel microneedles, to create minor surface wounds on the scalp. This triggers the scalp’s healing response and promotes hair growth.

Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy Treatment

Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) therapy utilizes growth factors derived from the candidate’s blood cells to promote natural hair growth. The concentrated growth factors support stem cell proliferation, migration, and differentiation.

Natural DHT Blockers

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone that contributes to hair loss by binding to hair follicle receptors. Natural DHT blockers help prevent this binding, slowing down hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth.

Mesotherapy for Hair Los

Mesotherapy involves injecting medications directly under the skin to treat various conditions, including hair loss. It is an effective treatment option for hair loss and has been used to address other ailments as well.

Hair Transplant or Follicular Unit Transplant

Hair transplant, also known as follicular unit transplant (FUT), involves removing a strip of skin from the back of the scalp and transplanting individual follicles into the desired areas. This surgical procedure can last for 4 to 8 hours.

Hair Care Regime

We provide personalized recommendations for shampoo, hair oils, conditioners, and hair. coloring agents based on your hair and scalp type. Customizing your hair care regimen is essential for addressing specific hair concerns.

Nutritional Therapy for Hair Loss

Through blood tests, we determine any nutritional deficiencies and suggest a combination of healthy foods and supplements to support hair growth and structure. Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining healthy hair, and certain deficiencies can affect hair growth negatively.

Why Dr. Health Clinic

  • Dr. Health Clinic is the best hair treatment hospital in Chennai, renowned for its exceptional expertise and results in addressing various hair and scalp concerns.
  • At Dr. Health Clinic, you will find a team of exceptional professionals who possess extensive expertise and experience in the field. They are committed to delivering tailored care and employing cutting-edge treatment options to meet your specific needs and provide optimal results.
  • Dr. Health Clinic prioritizes patient satisfaction, offering a comforting and supportive environment throughout the treatment journey.
  • With a strong track record of successful hair treatments, Dr. Health Clinic is the top choice for those seeking effective and reliable solutions for their hair-related issues in Chennai.

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What do our patients say

I have a problem of white hair from the age of 16 and now I am 21. I feel somewhat guilt feeling when my friends talks about my white hair. I consulted doctor shahid at Dr health clinic jayanagar and explained my problem. He gave me the medicines and hair care instructions from which further hair greying completely stopped, thank you DR
Devnarayan Matto
Very good doctor. I was thinking of doing transplant directly, he told me first try with medicines for short period and see. After taking it for 3montss, not only hair fall has stopped fully, but even 50% hair growth is seen. Otherwise anyone else would have taken me for transplant right away because it is more lucrative for any clinic/business to get high value customers. Honest approach is very commendable…
Nitu Kumari

I had severe hair loss and was almost going bald. I met Dr Shahid at his indiranagar branch. In the very first consultation, I was cleared explained with the procedure and the treatment provided. This was really impressive. As I am from a middle class family I had bit difficulty to think about the treatment. But thanks to the EMI option available in the clinic. It helped me a lot and also I have seen a tremendous improvement. The whole team is very friendly and helpful.

Piyush Goenka
Without any doubt the results that you get here are very effective. I have taken scalp infection treatment from them.
Vinesh Paswan
Understanding and helpful. Deep knowledge of hair problems. Was able to control my hair loss in 3 months and give me a good amount of regrowth as well and then also stopped the treatment has he had told intially. Good communication skills. One of the very few doctors who will respond to every e mail patiently.
Megala Dharmaraj
After completing 9 months of my treatment, I can clearly see the transformation of my hair. Hair fall is almost negligible and I am feeling mentally good too, now. I give all the credit to Dr Shahid Shamsher for a wonderful experience and effective treatment. Overall I am highly satisfied with both experience and treatment. I would definitely recommend DrHealth to my friends and family.
Saloni Raj
5 / 5

Before And After

Before And After

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Frequently Asked Questions For Hair Fall

During pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause a temporary reduction in hair shedding. However, some women may experience postpartum hair loss after giving birth due to hormonal fluctuations.
The duration of a hair loss treatment session can vary depending on the specific procedure or therapy being performed. On average, a session can range from 30 minutes to a few hours.
Stress can contribute to hair loss by triggering a condition called telogen effluvium, where a large number of hair follicles enter the resting phase and subsequently shed.

Yes, diet plays a significant role in hair health. Nutritional deficiencies can lead to weak and brittle hair. A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins is essential for promoting healthy hair growth and maintaining its quality.

Washing hair every day may strip the scalp of natural oils, so it is generally recommended to wash hair every 2-3 days or as needed to maintain scalp health.

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