As you rightly pointed out Acne is caused by a combination of internal and external factors. An effective acne scar treatment in Bangalore needs to multi-task and treat the various above factors simultaneously. Every medicine has a specific area of action. For example, an anti-bacterial medicine would stop a bacterial activity; an anti-inflammatory medicine would reduce inflammation. Some external applications peel off the outer skin layer and loosen the plugs in the oil glands, others open pores and scoop out the acne and some others reduce the oil activity. As each medicine has a specific healing property, often a combination of treatments is required to achieve optimal results. Apart from the treatment, skin care is also important. For example, in case of Body Acne, it is important for the person to wear loose fitting cotton clothes, take 2 showers daily, use dusting powders liberally to absorb excess perspiration etc. I remember a case of a woman, who would not stop oiling her hair even with severe acne on her forehead. Her acne developed a pattern where it would subside and flare up again as soon as she resumed oiling her hair. The key to choosing an acne treatment depends on the severity and type of acne. Quick fix solutions can be a waste of time. What good is getting rid of acne when there is another just waiting to emerge? Instead it is important to treat what is causing the acne at its source and prevent breakouts. Generally a cause-specific all round approach which treats the acne internally as well externally is always the best.

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