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Hair plays a crucial role in each of our overall well-being. It protects our scalp and head, insulates our skin in winter, and also offers cushioning to absorb small injuries. Hair acts as a barometer for the entire body, the healthier your hair is, the healthier your body. However, modern lifestyle changes have been affecting hair and causing many conditions in both adults and teenagers. This can be due to various reasons such as heredity, hormonal changes, stress, poor nutrition, and other factors such as pollution, UV, radiation, and water problems. In case of persistent hair loss conditions, patients become hopeless, thinking nothing could be done.

At Dr. Health Clinic, we offer reliable and effective hair loss treatment using advanced technology and treatment techniques.

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Dr. Shahid Shamsher- Trichologist & Hair Specialist
About Doctor
Meet our expert trichologist in Whitefield

Dr. Shahid Shamsher

Dr. Shahid Shamsher is a certified trichologist with 30 years of experience. He has successfully treated over 1 Lakh cases of hair and scalp disorders and is known for his comprehensive trichological aid and care.

Dr. Shahid consults each patient personally and uses in-depth Tricho Analysis to determine the exact cause of hair and scalp disorders for a more targeted treatment.

Comprehensive guide to understanding
different types of hair loss

Androgenetic Alopecia

In this condition, the hair above the temples begins to get thinner and gradually spreads over the head. This can be caused due to various factors including genetics, hormones, stress, and age.

Telogen Effluvium

In this condition, the hair starts shedding at an increased rate and is the usual result of temporary hair loss due to excess stress or hormonal changes. In addition to stress, this condition can also be caused due to significant weight loss and other surgeries.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia is an auto-immune disease that causes patchy hair loss in both men and women. If left untreated, this condition can progress and lead to total hair loss on the scalp which is known as alopecia totalis.

Tinea Capitis

This is a fungal infection that causes swollen red patches, dry rashes, and itchiness. It is more commonly observed in children than in adults and can sometimes lead to the formation of black dots on the scalp and also lead to hair breakage.

Early warning signs: symptoms of hair loss you shouldn’t ignore

  • Gradual thinning of hair on the head

  • Bald spots that spread slowly

  • Receding hairline

  • Widening part

  • Reduced density and strength

Extensive hair fall treatment solutions at Dr. Health Clinic

Oral Medication

Our hair doctor in Whitefield conduct in-depth tricho analysis tests to understand your hair condition and medical history. Based on the results, we prescribe various oral medications depending on the type and intensity of the condition.

External Applications

We also offer various topical solutions such as minoxidil and finasteride that are effective for treating a wide range of hair conditions. It is recommended to apply these solutions regularly to achieve the desired results.

PRP Therapy For Hair Loss

In severe hair loss cases, we recommend PRP therapy. This involves collecting blood samples, separating platelets, and injecting this platelet-rich plasma into the scalp for effective hair regrowth.

Derma Roller Therapy

For immediate results, microneedling is an effective hair treatment solution. Our doctors use a derma roller with tiny needles to create tiny openings in the scalp. This will stimulate collagen production and instantly trigger hair follicles.

Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy

In this therapy, our expert team extracts growth factors from patients’ blood, isolates them, and applies them back to the scalp. This aids in cell regeneration and awakens hair follicles for growth.

Natural DHT Blockers

Our experienced trichologists conduct several tests to identify DHF-related issues. After carefully analyzing the report, they offer various natural DHT blockers to help patients choose

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss

Dr.Health Clinic specializes in offering customized blends of vitamins, minerals, and other medications to the scalp. This is done in multiple sessions and offers the daily nutrient supply required for your hair to be healthy.

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Why trust Dr. Health Clinic for effective hair loss treatment in Whitefield

Experienced Specialists

At Dr. Health Clinic, our team comprises of best trichologists. With over 30+ years of experience, we specialize in treating a wide range of hair conditions or disorders with innovative and effective treatment options.

Personalized Plans

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we provide personalized plans for people struggling with serious or minor issues. This allows them to get the root cause and helps them be treated better without any biases.

Proven Results

Over the past decade, we have been helping patients by providing reliable hair fall solutions. With advanced technology and an innovative approach, we provide effective solutions to a wide range of hair fall conditions.

Modern Facilities

Dr. Health Clinic stays ahead with advancements, we offer the most advanced and safe treatment plans. Our doctors use state-of-the-art equipment and effective techniques to diagnose the condition and provide suitable treatment options.

Before And After – Hair Loss Treatment

33 year old male with crown baldness due to change of water & stress

After 9 months of treatment

41 year old male with male pattern baldness due to paternal genetics

After 12 months of treatment

48 year old female with crown thinning due to menopausal hormonal changes

After 12 months of treatment

32 year old male with alopecia areata monolocularis with partial scarring

After 3 months of treatment

25 year old female with chronic dandruff of over 5 years duration

After 6 months of treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions For Hair Fall

Partly yes, lifestyle changes can control hair loss to a certain extent, however, if the hair fall is in the later stages it is recommended to get professional help and use related medications or topical products regularly.
Yes, hormonal imbalances are one of the primary causes of hair loss. This is due to imbalances of DHT, a potent form of testosterone that attaches to the receptors, causing them to shrink and break.
Genetics play a significant role in determining hair fall, it can sometimes lead to baldness in both men and women.

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