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Acne Treatment in Hyderabad

Get non-surgical, non-invasive, and effective acne solutions, delivered by an experienced acne specialist Dr. Pranjal. Overcome those stubborn pimples with 100% side-effect-free results.

Acne / Pimples

Undoubtedly, the presence of acne or pimples can be quite painful. In pursuit of healthy skin, one comes across various quick-fix solutions that are usually futile. Acne or pimples do not merely leave behind physical scars but can affect the confidence and self-esteem of individuals. People who suffer from acne or pimples often find ways to hide their faces from others. This type of worrying may impact people emotionally, confining their social interactions.

With over two decades of experience in acne treatment, Dr. Pranjal understands deeply acne and pimple problems and also possesses the expertise to treat them appropriately. Pimple treatment in Hyderabad that we provide is by assessing the skin type, and severity of acne/pimples. Then only then do we start the most suitable treatment plan specific to that patient’s needs.

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What is Acne Scar

Acne itself is a major disease that makes the life of patients complicated. The most frustrating factor about the disease is its scar, which is one of the embarrassing factors. The most common cause of acne scar is inflammation of acne blemishes. You will notice the breakdown in the wall of the pore, especially when swelling in the acne pore.
Some acne blemishes are smaller in size. It causes scars that tend to heal in less time. Several times the contents of blemishes generally spill into those surrounding tissue and also become deeper scars.

There are two main forms of acne scars. Acne scarring takes place, especially in a condition caused by the loss of tissue. It results in a complete indentation of your skin’s surface. Apart from this, acne scar also occurs that is raised on your skin’s surface. Such a skin scar reflects that your skin does its task perfectly.

Your skin tends to create collagen that is necessary for healing injuries or wounds. There are different types of acne scars. If you have acne, you can get any type of scar that includes rolling, ice pick, and boxcar.

Symptoms of Acne

  • Whether you call them pimples, acne, zits, breakouts, or anything else you choose, they are unpleasant. These lesions typically affect the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, upper arms, and other areas.
  • Acne signs vary depending on the severity of the condition and could present themselves as whiteheads, blackheads or small red and tender bumps.
  • Pimples occur when excess oil is produced by the skin and dead skin cells build up clogging pores or hair follicle openings.
  • Pimples predominantly appear as papules with pus at their tips.
  • Acne or pimples also emerge as large, solid, painful lumps under the skin.

Types of Acne Scar

There are different categories of acne scars. The first category is an atrophic scar that occurs due to the loss of tissue. It includes three types of scars such as boxcars, picks, and rolling. The second category is hypertrophic, which is also popular as a keloid scar, which occurs due to excess tissue.

Atrophic Scars

As mentioned above, Atrophic Scars are one of the categories of scars that can heal the top layer and below of the skin. These are common scars that cause severe cystic acne. Meanwhile, several other types of acne can cause it as well. It appears mainly due to an individual’s acne history. Following are the types of these scars.

• Boxcar Scars
• Ice Pick Scars
• Rolling Scars

Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars

These types of scars appear as raised lumps of tissue of scar in the same area where acne occurred. It takes place especially in the case when scar tissue grows. It, sometimes, takes place from those of previous acne spots.

Hypertrophic scars appear the same size as acne. As far as Keloid scars are concerned, they appear larger than acne that causes them and also grow beyond the sides of the original spot.

Acne Treatment options we offer

Advanced Derma Tec Analysis

We use the latest diagnostic techniques such as Derma Tec Analysis to diagnose acne problems. We determine the status of the skin pores, skin inflammation, and degree of scarring and pigmentation through our analysis. After the complete diagnosis is done, we work out a treatment plan accordingly.

Multi-Therapy Approach

We have devised a comprehensive multi-therapy approach to our acne treatment. This approach uses several therapies all at once to tackle and treat the most persistent and obstinate acne problems without any side effects. This form of treatment that we use has helped innumerable patients who suffer from acne to recover safely & get clear skin.

Dietary & Skin Care Advice

There is no dearth of information out there, however, most of the information could be misleading and sometimes even overwhelming. As the best clinic for acne treatment in Hyderabad, we evaluate our patients existing skin and diets, to come up with customized skin routines as well as dietary plans to mitigate any acne/pimple-triggering causes.

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Our Patients Reviews

It has been about one year since I stopped taking the treatment and I am so happy with how my skin has been. My biggest fear was that after quitting the medicine my acne would come back and flare up just like the last time I stopped taking my oral meds, but nope! My acne has been pretty under control! I still have some bad skin days during monthly periods but my skin is definitely looking a lot clearer.
kamal Chawla

I started acne treatment from Dr. Pranjal Shamsher about 4 months back. So far going good. the acne are all healing. The size of the acne are reduced and oilyness is getting better. face is feeling soft. I have good feeling my acne is responding well to the medicine. can someone suggest some remedy for constipation.

prathmesh Shah
I have always been scared to visit skin doctors. But trust me it is always a good idea to visit when really required. So this was the first time I visited a clinic for my skin. A special thanks to Dr.Pranjal for her observations and medication. She perfectly understood my skin. Along with her work she was really kind and helped me understand my skin problem. If you want to see a skin doctor I will suggest Dr. Pranjal for sure.
amanpreet gaur

Acnes have reduced a lot with her treatment. I had a lot of acnes on my face and was really frustrated with that. With her treatment it has reduced considerably, happy about that. Also I had a dry itchy skin problem, that too has subsided, thanks to the dr pranjal.

Sanu Mehta

I have been seeing Dr. Pranjal for 5 months for my acne. She is the best dermatologist I have ever seen. She is patient friendly doctor and analyze the disease clearly and give treatment by understanding the root cause. Thanks for bringing back my skin as it was before. Dr. Pranjal is highly recommended for acne.

Sunny Yadav
5 / 5


Hormonal fluctuations are the primary cause of acne. Oil glands are stimulated to produce more sebum by hormones, which can clog pores. However, studies have revealed that dietary factors also influence acne.
It depends. It is possible to aggravate acne by over-scrubbing your face and by using alcohol-based astringents that dehydrate the skin. Hormones trigger acne, so while gentle, regular cleansing with soap and warm water may sometimes ease mild breakouts, more severe acne may require more than just good hygiene.
Changes in hormone levels are the main culprit. When teenagers reach puberty, their hormones start rising and often, so does acne.
While often acne pops up during the teenage, it can appear later as well. For women, it may occur during times of hormonal swings, such as pregnancy, during their menstrual cycle, or menopause, etc., Some might even have a genetic disposition to acne.
Acne is not contagious, but sharing makeup, makeup brushes, or applicators can lead to bacteria, oils, and dead skin cells from other people ending up on your face. It is possible to transfer bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells to your skin from the makeup.
There are numerous factors that need to be considered before narrowing down on a treatment course. Age, gender, diet, the severity of acne, and how long it’s been present all affect the treatment. There is no one size fits all solution.
Keep your face clean, use moisturizers that minimize dryness and skin peeling, avoid touching your face often, during a breakout use makeup sparingly and remember to wash it off at the end of the day. These are just a few tips on how to slow down acne.
Most often, after puberty acne tends to reside on its own. However, some people may still suffer from acne in adulthood. A lot of the issues can be successfully treated but ultimately it comes down to finding the right treatment for you.
No, acne scar doesn’t go permanently no matter how effective the treatment you opt for. Acne scars become highly noticeable, especially in the condition of the skin losing collagen. However, there are several options that you can opt for to make acne scars less noticeable. In certain cases, acne scar goes over time and also with growing age.
Acne scar often causes changes in your skin’s texture. It’s usually not in a brown spot. But, you should be aware that its discoloration is temporary. Meanwhile, the changes in texture are permanent. Therefore, it indicates whether your acne scars are permanent or not.
Acne marks are known as a discoloration of the skin, which can be temporary and will take a couple of months or even longer to go away. It occurs due to acne breakouts earlier and also causes certain damage to your skin. Acne scars, on the other hand, are serious and also need less scar revision. It could be permanent due to collagen damage.


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