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Dandruff Treatment in Hyderabad

Say goodbye to flaky scalps & No more dandruff problems. Get the most effective treatment from Dr. Health Clinic and control your dandruff.

About Dandruff

Dandruff is a fairly common condition that causes the skin on the scalp to become flaky. While not all types of dandruff are harmful there are a few that can be quite bothersome, and cause intense irritation and extreme flakiness.

Dandruff can also be an embarrassing situation for some. This might cause individuals to withdraw from social situations where they feel uncomfortable owing to dandruff. At Dr. Health Hair Clinic we ensure that we prioritize our patient’s needs and develop treatment plans that suit them, for their scalp & dandruff conditions.

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Symptoms of Dandruff

  • Skin flake sizes range from small to large, greasy, and can be white or yellow.

  • The skin becomes itchy and flaky wherever it appears, whether near the scalp, eyebrows, hairline, ears and so forth.

  • Dry scalps are also a possible symptom of dandruff.

  • Redness and itching could also be present.

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem that makes your scalp skin flake. It’s one of the common reasons for hair loss. Most people who are suffering from dandruff find it a serious problem and needs to be cured quickly. It’s not easy to cure dandruff. For the treatment of mild dandruff, you can use shampoo.

If an ordinary shampoo doesn’t work, you can approach a trichologist to get prescribed medications for dandruff treatment.

Skin flakes on eyebrows, scalp, beard, hair, shoulders, etc. are the common symptoms of this disease. Dandruff causes an itchy, crusty, and scaly scalp. Though there are no clear causes of dandruff, some of the factors that cause this skin condition include;

  • Those who have seborrheic dermatitis often experience oily and irritated skin, which is prone to dandruff. It makes skin greasy, red, and flaky.
  • Some medical conditions also cause dandruff. These conditions include acne, psoriasis, eating disorders, weak immune system, depression, alcohol dependency, epilepsy, rosacea, recovery from a heart attack, and more.
  • Some skin conditions such as contact dermatitis, eczema, ringworm, etc. are also responsible for dandruff.
  • Some hair products irritate your scalp and thus cause excessive dandruff. If you find any product that you use to care for your hair causes irritation, you should immediately avoid using those products.
  • Certain dietary factors also cause a condition like dandruff and skin irritation
  • Some other factors such as age, winter temperature, infrequent hair brush, hormonal changes, etc. also cause dandruff.

Dandruff Treatment Services we offer

Assessment & Diagnosis

In order to determine how to effectively treat dandruff, one must determine whether it is good dandruff (resulting from the dry or oily scalp), bad dandruff (as a result of scalp infection), or ugly dandruff (as a result of scalp problems). Thus, we first identify the type of dandruff before treating it.

Personalized Dandruff Treatment

After a thorough first evaluation, our dandruff specialist doctor develops a customized treatment plan tailored specifically to the needs of that patient. The dandruff treatment plan may include medications taken orally or externally.

Combination Treatment

A combination of oral medication and external applications often proves to be the most effective approach.

Why Choose Dr. Health Clinic for Dandruff treatment?

Our Patients Reviews

I am taking treatment in Dr. Health in Hyderabad from last 4 months for dandruff problem. I am feeling much better now. Before 4 months, I was not able to face any one and not able to talk because of dandruff problem and I back my confidence level and able to talk with every one.  Treatment is excellent & I am much more satisfied.

Anu Rajpal

I’m regular patient of Dr Health taking Dandruff treatment from Dr shahid. After taking medicines I saw improvement in my scalp which is clean clear. All the medicines are skin friendly no side effects. There is awesome staff is very helpful and skilled…

Abida Khatun

I had been there for severe dandruff issue, but it was drastically reduced and have come to a good condition.. No second thoughts once you take the required medication.  It works really well.

Rubi Sharma

I had dandruff for 10 years. Visited at least 4-5 Dr. Health at Hyderabad, even went to Manipal hospital for 6 months and no use of the treatment at all was obtained. When I visited Dr. Shamsher for the first time itself he told me its scalp psoriasis and it will not cure but it will be ok 90% if you maintain it properly. Took his medicines for 6 months now and I will say hardly 1-2 days in one month I will get itching, but otherwise it is nothing much at all. For 6 months of dandruff treatment in Hyderabad he charged me Rs. 9500. I am very happy because after 10years I have finally got some betterment otherwise I could even not wear dark shirt. I am very thankful sir.

Rimple Garg
I was annoyed with my dandruff problem some 6 months back. I also had hair loss. I consulted doctors at this clinic and their regular consultation and medications helped me get away with the dandruff problem. Great experience.
Raj Mehra


A fungus called Malassezia is primarily responsible for dandruff. It is present on the scalp of most adults. It feeds on oil on your scalp and breaks it down, releasing oleic acid in its place. However, some people may be sensitive to this acid.

Using hot water unintentionally can result in increased dandruff.

People shampoo their hair at different frequencies to manage dandruff differently. Getting professional advice is therefore important.

It is possible for dandruff to spread if it is an infection. Dry skin, however, won’t.

Correctly treating and managing the scalp post-treatment, long-term freedom from dandruff can be attained.

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