Hair Loss Due To Summer

Summer can particularly affect certain people who have a hot constitution, known as “pitta”. These are people who are sensitive to heat and tend to sweat very easily; they are vulnerable to scalp infections at this time of the year that causes hair loss due to summer. The main cause behind summer hair loss. The UV rays of the sun can do a number on your hair by sucking out every trace of moisture in it, and make your mane dull, dry, and discolored. In addition to this, dry hair is more brittle, which is why it breaks easily.

The main reason is exposure to sunlight which leads to your body producing less melatonin, which affects the hormone levels in your scalp. It effectively signals hair follicles to carry out their natural shedding phase for longer periods of time than usual. The other major factor is the effect of testosterone, levels of which are usually higher in spring and autumn. Although testosterone is often thought of as a male hormone, it exists in both men and women and is known to trigger summer hair loss.

The symptoms start with the development of boils on the scalp. The scalp may become red, sensitive and flaky. There may be a lot of itching, irritation on the scalp and this may be accompanied with increased hair loss. People who ride long distances to work on a two-wheeler wearing a helmet are more prone to get affected. Most helmets have very poor ventilation, not allowing the sweat to dry. Also because the inside of the helmets are seldom cleaned, the sponge lining often is greatly contaminated and the source of many a fungal infections.