Dandruff Treatment in Chennai

Flaky scalps will trouble you no longer. The expert services, we provide the best dandruff treatment for scalp disorders.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is one of the most misunderstood aspects of scalp disorders. Broadly speaking, depending on the cause we can classify them into three types. We can call them good dandruff, bad dandruff, and ugly dandruff.

Different types of dandruff can be distinguished using a Tricho Analysis. It can determine what type of scalp infection you have, as well as the extent of its effects on your scalp. Treatment depends on what type of infection or allergen is present. The severity of the condition will determine whether oral medication or external applications are recommended. For better accessibility and absorption of medication, the head may be shaved to treat the condition. Our dandruff specialist in Chennai devises the best strategies that are compatible with your hair and dandruff type.

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Types of Dandruff

The Good Dandruf (Due To Dryness Or Oiliness On The Scalp)

The first type i.e. the good dandruff is usually caused due to dryness or oiliness of the scalp. Dry dandruff is just dryness of scalp. Typically it starts during winter appearing as dry powdery scales on the scalp. Sometimes, it is associated with hair loss as well, but being seasonal by nature, both the dandruff and hair loss are quite often mild and temporary.

Oily dandruff is nothing but the oil secretion on the scalp. Every scalp secretes its own natural oil called sebum. When the head is scratched this oily grimy sebum comes out as white substance in the finger nails and is often mistaken as dandruff.

It usually does not cause any hair loss or scalp damage and therefore qualifies as the ‘good dandruff’. A hair care regime involving the right shampoo and correct method of washing is enough to deal with this type of dandruff.

The Bad Dandruff (Due to Scalp Infections)

The bad dandruff refers to scalp infections. When the oil or sebum secretion on the scalp accumulates or stagnates for too long, it starts attracting fungal infections. These fungi find sebum as a good source of food and therefore grow very easily on an oily scalp. Here the dandruff flakes are more severe and accompanied by itching, irritation and boils on the scalp.
Directly or indirectly the infection then affects hair growth leading to hair loss and sometimes considerable baldness. Such cases do not respond to hair care alone and usually need medical care. When correctly medicated, they respond well to treatment and the hair loss resulting from it can also be controlled.

The Ugly Dandruff (Due To Scalp Skin Disorders)

The third variety i.e. the ugly dandruff refers to scalp diseases like psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. In such cases is stubborn and keeps re-appearing in spite of repeated shampooing. It is the worst form of dandruff wherein there are large flakes on the scalp almost resembling pieces of skin. This condition can worsen considerably and spread to the face, ears, nose corners and other parts of the body, leading to much distress and therefore qualifies as the ‘ugly dandruff’.

This type of persistent dandruff can be unhealthy for the scalp and can affect the hair roots causing hair loss. The hair loss can be severe enough to cause bald patches or diffuse thinning on the scalp. This type requires early medical intervention.

Indi-Chini, Dandruff-bhai!

A recent survey of several countries worldwide revealed that 70% Indians suffer from dandruff, making it along with the Chinese, the highest incidence in the world.

Symptoms of Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the common problems that the majority of people are suffering from nowadays. It causes flaky skin on your scalp. Dandruff is one of the causes of heavy hair fall and bald spots on your scalp. Though it’s not a serious problem from a health point of view, it causes huge embarrassment.

Dandruff treatment is not easy especially if you don’t go for treatment at the initial phase. If you have mild dandruff, you can easily cure it with the use of gentle daily shampoo. If you find it doesn’t help you get the desired results, you can approach a dermatologist who will provide you with the medicated shampoo. As soon as you find symptoms, you need to go for the best dandruff treatment in Chennai. Some of the symptoms are;

  • Itchy scalp
  • Skin flakes on eyebrow, hair, mustache, scalp, and shoulders
  • Flakes can be large, small, yellow, and greasy.

Causes of Dandruff

Some of the most common causes of dandruff are;

  • Dry skin: Those who have dry skin are prone to get dandruff. The situation gets worse, especially during the winter seasons. During this season your skin becomes drier and you will face the severity of dandruff.
  • Not shampooing enough is another reason why the majority of people get dandruff. If an individual doesn’t use shampoo enough, it causes the accumulation of oil that builds up on her skin and becomes one of the prime reasons for dandruff. There’s also the possibility that you may not be using the right shampoo.
  • If you are suffering from a medical condition such as Seborrheic dermatitis, you are prone to suffer from dandruff and an itchy scalp.
  • Yeast overgrowing is one of the causes of dandruff
  • Allergy from hair care products.  

Anti-Dandruff Treatments Available in Dr. Health Clinic

Dr. Health Clinic is the best place for those who are looking for the best option for anti-dandruff treatment in Chennai. It has a team of dandruff specialists who specialize in providing all types of dandruff treatment and help you get fast relief. They understand the complications that people face due to dandruff and cure it with a proper strategy.

No matter what type of dandruff you are suffering from, you can expect the best treatment from Dr. Health Clinic. Be it bald dandruff, good dandruff, or ugly dandruff, our specialists can tackle and cure all types of dandruff. We help you get rid of dandruff permanently.

We offer dandruff control treatment that depends on the type of allergen or infection involved. It also depends on the oral medication, severity, or also external applications. To offer the best treatment, we first address the type of dandruff, customized dandruff treatment, and combination treatment.

When to seek medical help for dandruff ?

The different types of dandruff