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Many people who suffer from hair loss don’t know about alopecia. Alopecia is a slightly curious condition and is characterized by the type of hair fall that seems out of control. It is an autoimmune disorder and due to it, the hair falls out in a large amount, and patches are created. In this condition, the autoimmune system damages the hair follicles and cells. There are many alopecia areata treatment doctors in Bangalore but you must choose the best to get the best cure. So, one of the reputed clinics for alopecia treatment in Bangalore is Dr. Health Clinic. This clinic is known for providing the best treatment for alopecia areata as well as all your hair and skin problems.

# Different types of Alopecia Areata

Generally, Alopecia areata runs in two forms- Mild or Severe alopecia areata. Furthermore, Alopecia areata is divided into 3 types, these are as following:

  1. Alopecia Monolocularis

Alopecia Monolocularis is the immediate type of disorder and characterized by spot baldness in the scalp.

  1. Alopecia Totalis

In this condition, the hair loss from the scalp regions.

  1. Alopecia Universalis

In this condition, there is a complete loss of hair on the scalp as well as the facial regions such as eyebrows.

# Symptoms of Alopecia Areata

Some of the symptoms of Alopecia Areata include:

  1. Thinning on the top of the head
  2. Patchy bald spots
  3. Loosening of hair as stocks
  4. Whole-body hair loss
  5. Scaling that spreads over the scalp

# Causes

The exact cause of Alopecia Areata may not be fully understood, but some common causes are:

  1. Hormonal changes
  2. Drugs
  3. Medical conditions like scalp infections, hair-pulling disorder, and others.
  4. Heredity

# Alopecia areata treatment in Bangalore

There are many effective treatments that have been introduced to treat alopecia. Doctors for alopecia areata treatment in Bangalore thoroughly diagnosed and treated to restore your hair. The treatments may include:

  1. Medications

In case of pattern baldness, the doctor prescribes some medicines. The medicines help in preventing hair loss and promote hair growth. Moreover, the medicines may be available in the form of liquid or pills.  

  1. Surgery

Surgical treatments include Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both these treatments are safe and generally doesn’t have any side effects.

  1. Artificial Treatments

There are many people, who don’t want to take medicines or ready for surgery. So, for them, the best treatment is the artificial treatment that includes Hair Weaving and Bonding, and Hair Camouflaging.

# Choose the hospital for alopecia treatment in Bangalore

Dr. Health Clinic in Bangalore is one of the reputed and well-known hospitals for all types of hair treatments. It serves in various locations and has well-qualified doctors and staff. So, for alopecia cure in Bangalore, you can contact Dr. Shahid Shamsher who is a Trichologist for Hair and Scalp Disorders. He is known for conducting all consultations and treatments of his patients personally and is a leading Trichologist certified from Australia, U.K., and India. Hence, for appointment contact us now and get the best alopecia areata treatment in Bangalore.