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Treatment for Vitiligo

For many people, the appearance of Vitiligo spells doom. Almost everyone begins to imagine the worse. However it is important to note that today there is more research and more treatments options available than ever before. In addition to topical applications and melanin stimulating oral medications, therapies like PUVA, narrow-band UVB, lasers, skin grafting and pigment transplantation and the use of immunomodulators have been developed.


Dr. Health’s Re-pigmentation therapy consists of a combination of therapies.


• External applications – include those that stimulate the formation of melanin from the damaged cells.


• Oral medication – consist of immune-modulating drugs and those that can repair the cell damage and restore the pigmentation.


• Diet – consists of advice on a healthy balanced diet with nutrients from a variety of sources that can be helpful in treating Vitiligo. Based on specific allergies or irritation, some foods or food additives that can have a detrimental effect on Vitiligo may need to be avoided.


• Lifestyle changes – Apart from treatment the right skin care & lifestyle changes can be helpful. Patients often need to change their living habits depending on their individual presentation of Vitiligo. For example, stress can act as a hurdle and prevent the best of treatments from being effective. Also there would be less chances of controlling the spread of patches in the presence of abnormal thyroid and blood sugar levels. Reducing the risk of skin friction and trauma can also prevent newer lesions. Other triggering factors like infections, worms, allergens or irritants need to be determined and ruled out. Sun protection is extremely necessary.

There is no one treatment that works for everyone. Different therapies work better for different people. While one person may respond extremely well to topical applications another may respond better to light therapy or to immunomodulators. For this reason often a combination approach is used for better results.

The aim of the combined approach is to re-pigment the existing patches and limit the number of newer white patches till an effective cure can be sought.