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Urticaria Treatment

Acute Urticaria is treated with anti-allergy medications that block the effect of histamine. Eliminating the allergen or the offending agent is the best way to treat chronic Urticaria. In cases where the cause remains unknown or is such that cannot be eliminated, a combination of therapies consisting of the below is prescribed.


External applications – consist of applications which help to reduce the symptoms like redness, inflammation and itching.


Oral medication – to reduce the allergy levels and block the effect of histamine.


Diet – Certain foods contain chemicals that trigger Urticaria. Avoiding or cutting down on foods that contain these chemicals help to improve symptoms. Maintaining a food diary helps to rule out food allergens and to ensure that people are not avoiding foods unnecessarily. To prevent deficiencies food substitutes and supplements are also advised.


Avoid triggers – Avoiding triggers can keep the symptoms under control. If the triggers are known, it is easy to avoid them. For example alcohol and caffeine or allergenic foods can be restricted. However often the triggers are known but they cannot be avoided easily, for example Stress. Avoiding stress can be difficult. In such cases lifestyle changes are advised to manage it better.