Thinning Pattern in Women

Thinning Pattern in Women

Trichologist Dr Shahid Shamsher talks about how some women don’t necessarily shed a lot of hair, but thin out over time.

In many cases a woman never loses hair, but still gaps appear?

Yes, its a process called miniaturization in which over a period of time, the scalp becomes more and more visible

Then how can one be sure early on?

Look for whether you can find the causes of baldness in your case. The most common causes are hereditary and hormonal disorders like thyroid or PCOD. So if either your father or mother is showing thinning on the top of the head then there is a good chance of you developing it as well. Also sometimes hereditary in women is non-linear genetics. This means the thinning or baldness is not present in every generation. It can instead come in every 2nd or even 3rd generation, so it may very well come to you from your aunt or uncle or a grandparent, skipping your parents.  

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