The Stubborn Skin Itch

As soon as one feels itching, the first natural response is to scratch the area with fingernails. This provides relief, no doubt, but this itch-scratch cycle can convert a skin disease from a molehill into a mountain. Most patients with chronic itching develop dark, leather-like skin on affected areas, a condition called lichenification. Further open scratch wounds are also prone to bacterial infections & soon start oozing out pus or bleeding. These complications can be prevented if one is aware of what is causing the itch. So let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of the stubborn skin itch.

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HAIR COLOR allergy, itch without rash

HEAT INTOLERANCE, prickly heat rash

FOLLICULITIS post shaving or waxing

THYROID gland – overactive or underactive

FUNGAL or YEAST infection, sweat areas

PRURIGO, tiny fluid-filled itchy blisters

ICHTHYOSIS, fish-scale skin appearance

LICHEN PLANUS, tiny purple itchy bumps

URTICARIA, itching at periodic intervals

ECZEMA or PSORIASIS, dry scaly flakes

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