Telogen Effluvium – Sudden Hair Loss in Bunches

Telogen Effluvium – Sudden Hair Loss in Bunches

All hair fall need not be a sign of baldness. Trichologist Dr Shahid Shamsher tells us of 2 common conditions where hair fall can appear to be quite severe and yet not be a cause of major worry.  

Sudden onset of hair loss is known as Telogen Effluvium. Typically the condition comes on overnight and every time you run your fingers through the hair, there will be some 10-15 strands coming out. While the condition appears scary, it is fortunately also very much treatable. The causes, on the other hand, vary greatly. Some common causes are change of water, change of seasons, stress, crash dieting, anemia, thyroid problems, certain medication, like contraceptive pills etc, etc. What confuses the picture further is that the causative factor may have occurred as much as 3-4 months ago, and would not even be relevant right now. An example of this is hair loss after illnesses like typhoid or jaundice. Let’s say you suffered from typhoid on 1st April 2011 and recovered from the same within 10 days. Your hair loss can then start anytime after 1st July 2011, at a time when you may in fact be in the best of health. Therefore in this condition, finding out the cause is not always important. The treatment involves reversing the ratio back to normal 9:1, which in turn normalizes the hair fall and allows most of the hair to be recovered back.

Post-delivery hair loss continues for a period of 1 to 3 months. If however your hair fall persists beyond the 3 month period, and/or you had a history of hair loss even before pregnancy, then it would be better to seek help.

Dr Shahid Shamsher is a leading Trichologist certified from UK, Australia & India. Practicing since 27 years in the field of Trichology, even today he consults every patient personally himself rather than leave it to assistants. He can be reached on 080 42067474 / 75.