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Melasma Treatment

Treating Melasma is not like treating just any other form of pigmentation. When it comes to treating Melasma, it is recommended to avoid overly-aggressive treatments. The common notion is that an acid peel or a laser therapy will just peel off the pigmentation from the skin surface leaving behind a fair and glowing skin. However, irritation due to procedures like chemical peels and derma-abrasions can only make Melasma worse. Melasma responds best to non-invasive methods.


External applications – For mild cases external applications consisting tyrosinase inhibitors are prescribed. They work by preventing pigment formation by inhibiting the formation of melanin by melanocytes. Apart from tyrosinase inhibitors, skin lightening agents also play an important role in fading away the patches.


Oral medication – Melasma patch is not like a banana skin that can be just peeled off from the surface. It is a much more stubborn, deep-seated pigmentation and is caused due to an overactive cell underneath which secretes excess melanin. Stabilizing this overactive cell is crucial in treating melasma. Oral medicines work by reducing the activity of the pigment producing cells. For severe cases a combination approach is generally more effective.


Sun protection – For those who suffer from sun allergies, a broad spectrum sunscreen usage is important for successful management of Melasma.

During the treatment, it is important to adhere to the three Ps for maximum results – Patience, Persistence and Precaution. Patience is necessary as melasma can be slow to respond to treatment, especially if it has been present for a long time. Persistence is necessary in the form of ongoing skin care to maintain the results of the treatment and prevent relapses. Precaution is the third important thing. Exposure to sun and harsh chemical peels need to be avoided as they trigger inflammation and worsen Melasma. Following the three Ps can help bring better results.