Pattern Hair Loss in Women

Pattern Hair Loss in Women

Women are increasingly catching up with men in the field of baldness. Although the risk factors are common for both men and women, in the earlier days women were not as prone to baldness as men. The reason being, the presence of estrogen and progesterone has a protective effect on hair and enables good growth. Furthermore in earlier times women mostly stayed indoors and were not exposed to environmental triggers. Therefore even with hereditary tendencies, women did not suffer from baldness easily. On the other hand, men have not only been weighed down by hereditary influences but have also been exposed to outside triggers like work pressure, pollution, change of water and thus baldness developed faster in men.

But the scenario now has changed. Recent reports have shown increasing incidences of baldness in women. This may be a sign of changing times as more and more women are now getting out of homes, taking up challenging roles, travelling overseas & getting exposed to the same outside triggers and are therefore becoming as vulnerable to baldness as men. In fact women are not only going bald faster but also at a younger age.

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