Is This Dandruff? Or Something Else?

Is This Dandruff? Or Something Else?

One of the most common question in medical practice is –

What is this white dandruff like-substance in my head? Read here to know more….

Most dandruff cases are of two types – Dry dandruff is just dryness of scalp stays for around 15-20 days and often goes away even if you don’t do anything. Persistent flakes on the other hand, are often the oil or sebum secretion of the scalp, which is not dandruff at all. Sebum is like sweat, everybody has it, albeit some people have more of it and some less.

When the sebum secretion is on the high side, it tends to accumulate on the scalp surface and causes itching. When scratched, it comes out as white particles in the finger nails. High sebum secretion when maintained properly will not cause any trouble. Failing to do so however, results in a host of scalp problems, like constant scalp itching, various infections and hair loss.


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