Hereditary Hair Loss in Women

Hereditary Hair Loss in Women

Trichologist Dr Shahid Shamsher talks about how women are also affected by hereditary hair loss.

Can a woman also inherit baldness from her father or mother?

Women inherit half the genes from each parent. Thus a woman would have 50% chance of developing baldness if one of her parent suffers from baldness and a 75% chance if both parents have baldness. Although the risk factors are common for both men and women, women generally show lesser cases of hereditary baldness as compared to men.

Why is that?

Women have the female hormones estrogen/progesterone which are generally protective towards hair and enable good growth of hair. Which is why, most women when they are pregnant, have a considerable improvement in the quantity and quality of hair. Thus women are naturally predisposed to have good hair, making most women difficult to accept that they are going bald.

So when does baldness develop in women?

It happens either with internal reasons like thyroid or PCOD or with external factors like high stress, change of water, scalp infections. As more women are getting exposed to these factors, we see more incidence of baldness in them too. In fact there is increasing resemblance seen between male and female baldness as well.

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