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Derma Roller for Hair Loss 

Derma Roller Therapy uses a tiny cylindrical drum shaped device called a derma roller. The cylindrical drum comes fitted with stainless-steel micro needles, similar to the non-invasive use of needles in acupuncture.


Derma Roller


The derma roller works by triggering the production of human hair boosting factors. When the needles are rolled along the skin they cause minor surface wounds. This injury activates the healing response of the scalp and stimulates the production of human hair boosting factor and other chemicals to aid the process of repair. These chemicals also then stimulate the damaged hair follicles and stimulate hair boosting of new hair.


Derma Roller Treatment in Process


Apart from stimulating the follicles, micro needling also facilitates higher absorption of external applications used to treat hair loss and re-grow hair. To understand this better, it is important to know the basic structure of the scalp skin. The scalp skin is made of several layers. The outermost layer is called the stratum corneum which is made up of dead skin cells. This layer acts as a natural barrier and protects the underlying tissues from infection, dehydration and from any chemical or mechanical trauma.

When an external application is applied to the scalp the smaller molecules of the active ingredient penetrate easily through the stratum corneum, but the larger molecules often get blocked. This results in only a fraction of the active ingredients reaching the target area. Applying external applications would be useful only if the active ingredients can penetrate through this layer. Using the derma roller opens thousands of channels through the stratum corneum thereby increasing the absorption of the topical scalp medications and its efficacy.