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Hair Camouflaging 

Hair Camouflaging is the use of hair building fibers which temporarily conceal the appearance of balding or thinning areas. This technique is more popular in the show business by film personalities who use it to cover the thinning areas while shooting on camera. These hair building fibers are made up of microscopic keratin fibers, just like human hair. They are charged with electrostatic energy so that they bond tightly to the existing hair. When sprayed onto the thinning areas, these fibers help by physically coating each hair, making it look thicker and denser. For salt and pepper hair, these fibers are available in different shades like white, black & brown. These fibers are colorfast and therefore do not run or stain. And to remove they can just be washed off. Generally this procedure is quite safe but some people are known to develop allergy to the fibers.


Thinning Area


Fibers Adhere to Your Hair


Hair Becomes Thicker