Father’s Genes Can Cause Daughter’s Hair Loss

Father’s Genes Can Cause Daughter’s Hair Loss

Trichologist Dr Shahid Shamsher talks about increased cases of hair loss in women, inherited from father’s side of the family.

Q1. What would be the causes of women inheriting baldness more than before?

It is not that they are inheriting it more than before. Every person carries half a set of genes from each parent and therefore the genes of hair loss have always been in equal proportion in men and women. However earlier most women were merely carriers of the genes, passing it onto the next generation, but now in fact we see the genetic mechanism getting activated earlier and faster in woman.

Q2. What would be the reasons for this? How can one deal with it?

The reasons are both internal and external. Internal factors would be hormonal disorders like PCOD and Thyroid, which often start off the hair loss any time after the girl reaches puberty or sometimes in the late 20’s after childbirth. But what we are seeing more of nowadays are external factors like change of water and stress. It would seem like men, women are becoming more vulnerable to the negative influences of stresses and change in water which comes with frequent traveling and relocation, thus leading to increased and early hair loss as well. Controlling the trigger factors and the expression of the genes is the best way to go about. Hereditary baldness is like blood pressure or diabetes, when treatment at an early stage, then gives a more favoured outcome.

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