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Treatment For Dark Circles

Dark circles can be due to multiple causes and therefore the treatment will depend on the cause.

Dark circles at Dr. Health are treated using a 4 pronged approach.

External applications – dark circles caused b pigmentation are treated using skin lightening creams, packs and exfoliating agents.

Oral medication – Prescription anti-allergy and itch relief medication are used to treat dark circles due to allergies. Dark circles & puffy eyes caused due to engorged vessels are treated using decongestants. To improve thin and wrinkled skin in case of dark circles caused due to ageing, anti-ageing medications and anti-oxidants are used.

Skin care – includes advice on the products meant for cleansing, hydrating and for maintenance of tone and texture.

Dietary advice – consists of advice on healing foods and supplements in case of specific deficiencies.

In severe cases, procedures like chemical peels, lasers, dermaabrasion may be indicated.