Combination Hair Loss Part 3

Combination Hair Loss Part 3

In the third part of this series, Trichologist Dr Shahid Shamsher talks about the influence of exercise on hair loss.

Q1. Do exercise increase hair fall and baldness?

A study carried out sometime back which showed that strenuous exercises cause an increase in the blood testosterone levels by as much as 30% in some cases. Now since testosterone is linked to the causation of male baldness, increase in levels would definitely lead to an increase in hair fall and hasten the baldness. The problem however is defining what exactly constitutes strenuous exercises.

Q2. What are strenuous exercises?

The study defined strenuous exercises as that which involves lifting heavy weights, or muscle building or any changing in the body structure. More routine exercises like cardio exercises, jogging, running, treadmill exercises which are aimed at just fitness are not included in this category. However the demarcating line is not always very clear. On the other hand exercises which involve the use of steroids are a definite threat. That is because most steroids resemble in their molecular structure the male hormone testosterone and thus can cause excess hair fall. It is not surprising therefore to see a lot of body builders who use steroids to build their six packs and eight packs often end up balding as well.

Q3. Do we need to take any care while exercising?

Because scalp sweats a lot while doing even routine exercises, it is important to wash your scalp after the exercises. A lot of women nowadays exercise daily. They must then wash the hair daily as well. Another word of caution is – don’t touch your hair when it’s wet with sweat. Along with sweat there is often excess sebum secretion on the scalp, leading to more breakage at that time. Wash off the sweat, dry the hair by 70-80% and then its safe to comb.

Q4. Any exercises that help in growing hair?

None do. Standing on the head might rupture some of your blood vessels but won’t improve your hair. Nor sadly, will rubbing your finger nails together, help in any way.

Dr Shahid Shamsher is a leading Trichologist certified from UK, Australia & India. Practicing since 27 years in the field of Trichology, even today he consults every patient personally himself rather than leave it to assistants. He can be reached on 080 42067474 / 75.