Pointing the Right Triggers of White Patches

Pointing the Right Triggers of White Patches

While there are many genuine trigger factors for White Patches, there are also many myths surrounding the same. If you or your near and dear ones have White Patches, it helps to know the genuine triggers from the fake ones to take better precautions.

Genuine Triggers

These triggers are factors that may not directly cause the disease, but contribute to the start or aggravation of the disease.

1. Children of parents where one or both have White Patches are at a higher risk than the general population. About 30% of people with white patches have a family member with the disease.

2. Exposure to chemicals like phenol

3. Emotional or physical stress.

4. Skin injuries, Burns, Inflammatory skin disorders

5. Disorders such as Anemia, Diabetes or Thyroid diseases.

Fake Triggers

Apart from the trauma of having to suffer from White Patches, patients are further imposed with unnecessary diet restrictions. Some treatments restrict the patient from eating white colored foods like milk, rice, bananas. Some scare the patient from consuming milk over fish. This makes the patient live in fear and constant guilt for not being able to follow diet restrictions. Furthermore it can make the patient suffer from dietary deficiencies and in fact worsen the White Patches. It is time to shun these old school misconceptions.

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